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Study Shows English Cocker Spaniel to be Worlds Meanest Dog

World's Meanest Dog May Not Be the Breed You Think It Is!

When we think about stereotypically "mean dogs," I'm pretty sure we can all name those most maligned. But statistically, the world's meanest breed isn't a Pit Bull, Bulldog, or even a Doberman — it's an English Cocker Spaniel!

A recent study by the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Barcelona shows more reported cases of aggression by the English Cocker Spaniel than any other breed, followed by Rottweilers, Boxers, Yorkshire Terriers, and German Shepherds. Yes, the Yorkie is tiny, but can apparently pack quite a punch! With over 1,040 acts of aggression studied, the report shows that the Cocker Spaniel is more likely than other breeds to show aggression towards their owners and unfamiliar people.

But not all is lost for the breed. With proper training and discipline, the Cocker Spaniel (and any other breed for that matter) can be well behaved and friendly to other dogs and people. I'm a firm believer that there are no "bad breeds," so here's to hoping that owners can take the time to train their pups to be civil four-legged members of society! Check out some of my favorite training tips and tricks when you



Gigi15403277 Gigi15403277 3 years
WOW! No one wants to admit or believe that maybe they've been wrong about pitbulls all this time! I have never met a mean pitbull my entire life Andrea - doesn't mean that there aren't any & the same would go for cocker spaniels too I'm guessing. You are all so ready to attack the pitbull (kind of ironic don't you think?) but you so desperately need to defend your little spaniels aren't you? I didn't hear anyone demanding proof of any pitbull stories but you were so ready to go out and lynch them. How hypocritical!
Andrea15321478 Andrea15321478 3 years
I have never met a mean cocker spaniel in my life. My family has always had one, starting back in the 1960s. We've had twelve of them, they only aggression any of them have ever shown was a rescued cocker that was afraid at the vet's office, being handled by strange people. This "study" has no factual backup, where are the sources, the names of those heading the supposed "study"? I have an english cocker spaniel now, and not only is he a SERVICE dog, but he is an AKC canine good citizen certified dog. Yes, Cockers are cheeky and can suffer from "little dog syndrome" but hell, they're amazing pets. This article is full of crap.
chester04 chester04 8 years
ive had cockers all my life and they have to be the sweetest dogs i don't care what the study said when you say cockers are the Mean dogs and you say PIT BULLS are the sweetest dogs your crazy as shit!!!!! and like i said before i think alot of you people are making shit up to make this dangerous breed look good! and you thank you have a pit in control well you don't!!!!! they will be like that be all sweet then will attack you without warning i know ive had them before!!!!! thats all you see is pits killing someones kid or pet on the news or anywhere and the animal control knows what kind of dog it is when they pick them up so that shit (they couldn't tell the difference between a pit and other similar-looking breeds) yeah they can!!!! like i said they are bred for fighting and the breed does what it is bred to do
chester04 chester04 8 years
rotties, and dobies are not as dangerous as the pit bull and that They will do whatever it takes to make their people happy, even fight to the death lol no they just like to fight and kill and if they love people so much why do they try to kill them? and stereotypeing i had them before i know how they are your just trying to make up shit to make this dangerous breed look good! and like i said before one day you will see what iam talking about they are bred for fighting and the breed does what it is bred to do and thats kill. You won't know when they will attack. and yes..other breeds will bite and attack but they are not as dangerous as the pit bull They will lock their jaws onto the prey until it's dead and most dog breeds don't enjoy it so much that they fight or pin or shake or hold till the one they have in their mouth stops breathing. Human or animal.but whatever you find out the hard way!!!
melizzle melizzle 8 years
"oneday you will see what iam talking about when your pit attacks you or kills your kid" Nice. You should see how my pup plays with infants. Well, of course, when she's not eating them for breakfast... ;) Hopefully, one day YOU will see that you are blinded by your personal experience and stereotyping an entire breed as a result. What about rotties, dobies and the rest? All these dogs have had bad raps at a certain point; pits are just the breed du jour. Do you also have a prejudice against these large, "violent" breeds? Pits aren't born fighters; they're born as people pleasers, which is why they are such a popular fighting dog choice. They will do whatever it takes to make their people happy, even fight to the death. I will concede that they do have a rep of being animal aggressive, which is usually taken care of with proper socialization. I'm not asking you to become a pittie lover. I'm just hoping that you'll understand that your personal experience does not qualify an entire breed. It's unfair. As a former pit owner, I would expect you to understand the misconceptions surrounding this breed- your position is a rarity among those of us who have had these wonderful animals as pets. And the reason I won't drop this is one familiar to all the other pit fans on Sugar- your comments are all too common. I invite others to share their positions on this- it is our duty to spread the word.
chester04 chester04 8 years
no people can't be born aggressive but dogs can be!!! pits are born fighters and i know a pit from other dogs its was a American Pit Bull Terrier that attacked and killed my friends shepherd puppy it was his dog and that dog was not tied up outside a day in it's life the dog was a inside dog only!!!!! it was like his kid and i was bitten really badly by one and i know it was a pit because it was one of my dogs!!! and that dog was not in anyway mean too it bit me it killed my cat but whatever oneday you will see what iam talking about when your pit attacks you or kills your kid or one of your other pets and it will happen one day!!! oh yeah talking about someone that couldn't tell the difference between dogs who ever put this up can't tell the difference between american and the english. cocker spaniel. the pic thats up is the american and your talking about the english
Smacks83 Smacks83 8 years
Preach it Melizzle!!
melizzle melizzle 8 years
Chester: Do you also believe that people can be born aggressive? Do you believe that because you've had a bad experience with a person of certain race, ethnicity, etc., that all people of that group are also bad? Breedism=dog racism. It's a well-documented fact that dog attacks are often (1) blown out of proportion in the media as being the result of a pit, as they sell more papers; (2) mistakenly attributed to a pit, when the reality is that most people couldn't truly tell this difference between one and the many other similar-looking breeds; and (3) reports often leave out huge details, like "the owner was a jacka$$ who left his pit tied up outside without food for days..." Just as this study doesn't prove that your cocker spaniel is aggressive, your personal experience doesn't prove that my pittie is violent. Personally, I find your comment offensive, insensitive and, unfortunately, all too typical of those who are uneducated about these wonderful animals.
chester04 chester04 8 years
my cocker spaniel she is Very gentle and friendly. she loves people not aggressive at all but ive seen some Mean ass pits ive been bitten by one i seen one kill a cat (the cat was not doing anything to it) my friends pit killed his littie shepherd puppy i don't care what you people say pit bulls are aggressive as hell you pit lovers say all they are so sweet but thats because it haven't attacked you yet but it will one day pits are not in anyway a good family pet they are really the Meanest Dogs i ever seen anything about a english cocker spaniel killing someones kid or pet it's allways the pit bull!!!!!!
Tsybrant Tsybrant 8 years
I am all GRINS on this one!!! Not because I think that cocker spaniels are the most aggressive or the meanest breed, but because it just give credibility to what most pit owners already know- Pit bulls ARE NOT the most aggressive!!! I love my girls and they are the SWEETEST things on four feet... anyone apprehensive about pits before they meet her- aren't after they meet her!!! :)
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