Next up, while decking out the tree, are those pretty twinklers! Unfortunately, Christmas lights still come with electric cords, and while we've already discussed dangers of cords from electronics, these cords are no different. Like babies, puppies often chew when they are teething – this puts them at the greatest risk of bad results from naughty nibbles. Many dogs chew to relieve stress and anxiety and, when stressed, anxious, or just plain curious, they often choose the nearest, least appropriate thing to chomp. To keep them safe, tack cords to the wall behind the tree out of pet's reach when they are not plugged in, and apply a chew deterrent like Grannick's Bitter Apple or Nature's Miracle Best Behavior Pet Training Aid to the wires. These products have a strong smell for pets that will discourage biting or licking. And remember, not only is chewing the cord dangerous, pets could also pull the tree down on top of them if it's not secure!

If you have a favorite anti-chew spray or solution for your pets, share it in your comments below!