As temperatures continue to drop throughout much of the US, and the hours of daylight seem less and less every time you hit the snooze button, these unfortunate changes also present extra risks for your furry friends. Right off the bat, I think it's a good time to bring even those outdoor kitties in. Not only does this season bring about the risk of freezing, but if pets wander off and cannot find their way home, the dangers are great. Snow causes low visibility and dampens sounds which can limit pets' abilities to hear or see cars coming. Plus, rainy and icy roads make it harder to stop quickly if you do see a darting creature in the dark. To hear more about keeping pets safe from cars during the wintertime,


If there are outdoor cats in your neighborhood, and you park a car outside, always tap the hood (and beep the horn) before starting it up. Chilly cats will often climb up to snuggle by the warm engines or surrounding areas of freshly parked cars to heat up or hide from falling sleet or snow.