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avamp avamp 8 years
My huband and I decided to grill some jalapeno poppers on the bbq one nice summer day. We made 24 of them.. they looked and smelt great. Had cream cheese in the middle of them and a slice of bacon on the outside. We stepped out of the kitchen for a few minutes, and my Irish Setter snagged ALL 24 of them off of the counter. We rushed her to our vet (who saved her life) and pumped out her stomach.. Afterwards, he asked me for the recipe... :)
nozarsandra nozarsandra 8 years
I have a Jack Russel he will get anything in the house run to the fridge and drop it for food he can keep you going all day long if you let him I was one houre late from coming home from work and he ate my couch and my comfurter on my bed i think I trained them wrong my Black Lab will go out and bring home dead rabbits and deer legs and toys from the neighborhood and bring it to the fridge gotta love them
laftoomutt laftoomutt 8 years
While I was sick with a cold, and has to constantly blow my nose I had a trash bag full of my snout tissues in there. The next day I found the trash bag dragged underneath my bed, all the snout tissues were shredded up and I saw my dog eating it, and she even had a tissue stuck to one side of her mouth! Gross!!!
Dreamer1215 Dreamer1215 8 years
Well I have a topper for ya! My Mastiff/German Shepherd 9 month old pup liked metal. He at aluminum cans, a metal Sylicone tube, wires that he pulled out of the walls of my house, the trailer wires off my boat, and yes he ate all other non-edible things too!!! Pine cones, sticks, wood, tarps, paper, my horses tails, plastic, anything he could get his grubby little teeth on.
luckychick1 luckychick1 8 years
I always have to make sure that my panties are securely hidden in the clothes hamper because my lab will sniff them out and chew them up. Oh, and I once had to help her get an 8" piece of (thin) rope out of her butt!
Eener3000 Eener3000 8 years
So, if it isn't food, your dog shouldn't eat it. Really??? My dog shouldn't eat rocks? Wow, I figured rocks were perfectly OK for any living being's diet. This is the most brilliant article I've ever read!! Maybe I'll stop eating rocks, too!! (puke)
jamieee17 jamieee17 8 years
Angel the black lab ate $60 and pooped it out. A $120 calculator. SWALLOWED A WHOLE SOCK and pooped it out whole. She also ate lots of paper and tissues and pooped some out. Shes picked glass christmas ornaments off the christmas tree and snacked on them - OUCH! When she was a puppy we would come home and find shoes, electronics, bills, paper and everything else torn apart! Luckily she didnt touch furniture! She'll take anything out of your hand and run with it! LABS EAT ANYTHING THEY CAN SWALLOW!
baxterpoo baxterpoo 8 years
this helps alot cuz welllll lol OMG baxter eats so many things let me name a FEW :shooes, dolls, socks, pants, peanut butter jars, anckles, couch, pillows, and very very more
aligirl71 aligirl71 8 years
I once had a German Shorthair that ate an entire cell phone..a box of condoms, and a case of peanutbutter cups!!
untitled1 untitled1 8 years
This is on the front page on yahoo, congrats.
Mykie7 Mykie7 8 years
I have an underwear, rock and sock eater at my house! I have one that ONLY eats his food, but my little girl, HOLY CR**! I have to put a HEAVY book on top of the dirty hamper or she gets in and drags out the dirty socks and undies for her mid-day snack! LOL
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