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Too Cute For Words!

It’s time to get clever! A picture is worth a thousand words but those messages vary from person to person. This buddy seems to have a budding a career in showbiz – and so cute, too! Suggest quotes or captions for this photo in your comments below, and I’ll do a roundup next week of some of my faves.


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CollegeGirl CollegeGirl 9 years
(What kind of dog is that? He/She is so cute!)
Alisha_Stiletto Alisha_Stiletto 9 years
Chicks dig this - my phone aint gonna stop ringin after this!!
mona2007 mona2007 9 years
1. Bark? Bach? Whateva. I has you impressed. 2. Johann Sebastian Bark plays for the grand opening of IKEA. 3. I mus play for cheezeburger.
stefd123 stefd123 9 years
I'm tired of just being known as Stevie Wonder's seeing-eye dog! I have talent of my own!
Merlin713 Merlin713 9 years
The very humble beginnings of a great E! True Hollywood Story.
sweetk8ty76 sweetk8ty76 9 years
I'm gonna bite the dog that stole my sheet music!
wakeupandora wakeupandora 9 years
"It's nine o'clock on a Saturday.. a furrier crowd shuffles in"
fuzzles fuzzles 9 years
Doe a deer, a female deer...Ray, I guy I met at obedience training school...
fuzzles fuzzles 9 years
Tinkling the ivories.
PrincessTracy PrincessTracy 9 years
It is SO HARD for me to hit that note sometimes with these nails...
CanadianInVA CanadianInVA 9 years
To the tune of Hound Dog by Elvis Presley: "I ain't nothing but a Hound Dog, singing all the time. I do catch a rabbits and I am a friend of yours".
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