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I know I'm not the only dog owner roused from a deep sleep from a barking pooch. Well, North, actually prefers a vigorous scratch, scratch, scratch at the floor followed by whimpers and cries that increase in frequency and volume . . . before the all out barking. No matter where I place his toy he repeatedly manages to nudge it under the ottomans. He can slither under to get most toys that fit in his mouth and then wriggle back out backwards but, for his absolute favorite Orbee-Tuff football, he can't manage to grab ahold of it and make his way out again.

That's where this invention comes in. The ToyBlocker is an inflatable wedge that can slip under couches, chairs, or beds and be pushed away from view. The toy can hit it and stay within paws' reach or bounce back out, and you're freed to go about your day or night while pup plays. It comes as individual pieces or sofa sets for $4 and up, but the value of your saved sleep? That's priceless!

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lilkimbo lilkimbo 7 years
Luckily, my dog (Pippin) can fit under the couch if he wants to, so I don't have to worry about this! Unfortunately, he's part Pomeranian, a breed that's known to bark at any and every outside noise and I live in an English basement, so there's a lot of street-level noise. So, I've been awoken by his barking many times, just not for this reason!
lovelipgloss lovelipgloss 7 years
That picture is GREAT! I didn't know this was a common problem as my past dog didn't care much for toys. My current dog Lulu acts like its a big game and I swear she rolls her favorite balls under the couch on purpose. She then barks nonstop at me or my husband until we get down on the floor and grab the ball out.
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