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10 Naughty Cat Toys So Cute They’re Criminal!

Jan 27 2011 - 5:34pm

I hear kitties go crazy for catnip . . . but just how crazy? I sought out 10 toys for those bad kitties in the bunch — check out this dangerous stash in the slideshow now!

Danger, Do Not Drink

Plush or plastic, pets can pick their poison, like this Poison Bottle ($10) [1] literally. Luckily, the toy is stuffed with the safe stuff catnip, nothing lethal in here!

Boozin' It Up

Beer's not just for the people or dogs [2] in the house! Let your feline enjoy a not-so-cold cool one that looks a bit like a PBR for you, not just a
Kitty Brew ($5) [3], too.

Dropping and Throwing Around the F-Bomb

I know one cat that didn't hesitate to throw the f-bomb [4] around. For swearing felines, try this catnip filled F-Bomb ($4) [5] instead.

Soldier Kit Pulls the Pin

Little bit more angry? Throw the Catnip Grenade ($5) [6]. It won't go off . . . but your cat will go off after it!

Pet-Friendly Vegas Vacation?

Gambling's not a crime for humans, but doesn't seem like a proper pastime for proper pets. Still, this cat can draw a winning hand with the Royal Flush ($6) [7].

Smoky the Cat

While off gambling, maybe the cat chooses to light up in the casino. The Cigar ($4) [8] is practically the size of a kit's head so hopefully she shares.

Just Say No

Uh oh, this cat is growing something that's definitely not legal! Doubt she can claim the Kitty Weed ($6) [9] is medicinal.

Watch Cat

Bam Bam. Warlord cat watches over her toy box with an iron fist and an AK-47 ($16) [10] — that'll keep the humans and dogs at bay!

Slice and Dice

I'll give the feline the benefit of the doubt and hope she was just fixin' dinner, not committing a crime with these 2 Knives ($12) [11]. Not sure what to make of that "blood" though . . .

Mortal Combat Against the Dog

Oh no, honey, she decapitated the dog! This flat Decapitated Dog Head ($7.50) [12] is stuffed with catnip and no dogs were harmed in the making of this toy. Wink.

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