You may be wondering why I've been going a tad tick crazy on the site during the Dog Days of Summer. Well, there's a reason. Last week when chatting with a pal in NYC, she shared a scary story about her rescued Rottie mix, Jack.
While he's seen here in sleepier times, my friend woke up one morning a couple weeks ago to find him not only resting, but totally unable to get up. Obviously, she freaked out and called a friend with a car to help carry the dog to his doctor. The vet did some tests but initially asked if her pooch had spent anytime in the country. Countryside? Does Brooklyn count? To learn where and when he contracted the disease, and what's happening now


Even though her pooch is always on his tick medication, it's not 100-percent guaranteed. Tracey was home visiting her parents in rural Massachusetts last Fall when she found a tick on her pooch. She removed it, and assumed all was well. Not so, as he was eventually diagnosed with Lyme Disease.

It seems that he exhibited some of the symptoms I mentioned when not being able to walk . . . and it's true that this disease can be dormant in pets for months before owners can notice it. While he's now on medication and doing much better, I know my take-away lesson from this was to never overlook a possible illness – even though I sometimes overreact, it's better to be safe than sorry!