I always wanted to work with animals and, when I was little, I may have even declared I would become a marine biologist. So when I got to spend a few days in Orlando hopping from Aquatica to SeaWorld, and Discovery Cove checking out the fish, swimming with the manta rays, and learning about all the cool exhibits, I was as happy as a clam. If you're anything like me and ever daydreamed of living with the fishes, you can now get a little closer at the Poseidon Resort in Fiji.

This ultra cool (and ultra expensive) one-of-a-kind resort has you staying 40 feet under the surface in one of 24 suites appointed with top side luxuries like marble and leather, plus nearly all of the walls in each suite are made of acrylic glass so you can get up close and personal views of the sea life. And with an underwater library, restaurants and bars, you'll never have to head topside! The price for this underwater experience starts at $15,000, and seems to be worth every penny, especially since they teach you how to navigate your own sub to go even deeper underwater and check out the view from 1,000 feet down! Sign me up!