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Vote on "Cool vs. Cruel" Fur-Free Fashion

Vote on "Cool vs. Cruel" Fur-Free Fashion

For the third year in a row, the Humane Society of the US educated fashion students from various Art Institutes about the problems associated with animal fur, including cruelty and false labeling. Then, in perfect Project Runway style, comes their challenge: budding designers are shown four runway designs from fall 2007 that used animal fur, then asked to reinterpret and improve them sans cruelty in a Cool vs. Cruel fashion design contest.

Test your eye for style and pick your winner out of the 16 very original designs. Be sure to vote by October 29 – each person can only vote once so don't keep this contest to yourself. Check back on November 8 when fashion guru Tim Gunn and the rest of the judges announce their picks and the People's Choice winner too!


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almostloli almostloli 9 years
i prefer fake/ synthetic ones... i cant stand imagining those animals being killed in a very inhumane way
maria0305 maria0305 9 years
Well HSUS is an organization that is full of sh*t just like PeTA but this is a good thing to do. Fur is tacky, stupid, and wrong.
minaminamina minaminamina 9 years
I don't wear fur, but my mother makes me deer-hide mocassins every year for the winter months where she is, out in South Dakota, on the reservation. But there is cruelty-free leather and wool available, which both benefit independent herders very much, as well as protect animals from senseless killing just to harvest their fur. I do things the old way, and using the entire animal while respecting its own life first is something that allows me to embrace my canine teeth and forward-pointing eyes without ignoring the consequences of meat-eatings or wearing leather.
poom poom 9 years
wow this is very cool, especially now when all the big fashion magazines and catalogs are full of fur. thank you project runway, calvin klein, ralph lauren, miuccua prada and the growing list of fashion power players that are beginning to recognize the cruelty behind fur. #8, i personally see very little difference between wearing fur, leather or wool, although people eat the sources of leather and wool (a nasty industry in itself) but how many people do you know who eat mink or fox? even the rabbits killed for food do not provide thick-enough fur so again there are those that are bred and killed simply for their skin. ofcourse in parts of asia, they kill dogs and cats for everything, who often end up as fur trim on cheap clothing in this country.
LaLaLaurie06 LaLaLaurie06 9 years
this is why i love project runway!
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 9 years
I wear leather, whats the difference? I also wear wool sweaters. last year i got a coat made out of reindeer hide in norway. When i was a kid i had a fur coat that was all patches of different colors, anyone remember those?
ashleycakes ashleycakes 9 years
It's great that some people in the fashion industry are finally coming around to the idea of how disgusting and disturbing it is to wear fur. I don't even wear faux fur because I don't want to condone that fur in any shape or form, even if it's faux, is fashionable. It is such a shame that so many people in Hollywood still wear this kind of crap. Wearing fur does not equal luxury, it equals ignorance or even worse, apathy.
beingtazim beingtazim 9 years
this is great! there are so many great designs out there in faux fur- why wear real fur?
aimeeb aimeeb 9 years
I am very anti fur!
tundrababe tundrababe 9 years
I love Tim, and fake fur too. :-) What a great contest!
kiddylnd kiddylnd 9 years
What a cool idea. I've never heard of this before. Vamp is right, fur is just tacky. I don't even like faux fur, because it just doesn't look right.
Knight-Who-Says-Ni Knight-Who-Says-Ni 9 years
I just can't stand when people wear fur. I think it is beyond tacky, socially and fashion-wise. I have no problem with those PETA members who throw tomatoes at fur-wearers. Well, I don't think it's right to do that, but I'm not really complaining and I don't feel sorry for the people with tomato on their fur.
Lovely_1 Lovely_1 9 years
Great idea! I only have one fur coat (a mink one). I inherited it from my Grandmother when she passed away a 2 years ago. I still haven't ever worn it, but it special to me, and I don't think I could give it to PETA for the coats for the homeless..
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