I know with as many germs, bacteria, and just plain nasty things out there in the city, North is more susceptible to picking them up since his snout is always on the lookout for something gross to sniff. Plus, all four of his paws are on the ground and he isn't in the habit of wearing booties (except for when we took on the icy NYC Winter streets) to protect him from picking up germs. I can only imagine how dirty his bedding, clothes (if he wore them for more than two seconds before trying to paw them off), and toys could get if I didn't wash them as often as I do!

Since Nature's Miracle was my BFF when I was potty training North back in the day – its stain and odor remover was truly a miracle before he got the hang of going in nature – I fully entrust Nature's Miracle Laundry Detergent for his bedding and toys. It's pet safe (obvs) and you don't even have to use a ton of it to get your pet's grimy toys squeaky clean. If you're not into store-bought detergents, you can always get into the DIY spirit and make your own at home and it works just as well. Granted, a typical house kitty probably doesn't need a clean up as often as your outdoor loving pooch, washing all bedding and toys can stave off illness and keep your home smelling fresh.

There are other pet safe detergents out there that will get the job done, too. Check out a few that I found, and share your own pet laundry secrets with me when you