Wealthy Indonesians Can Own a Pet Tiger Duo For $100,000?!

Sumatran Tigers like lil Puji and Wati are extremely rare due to deforestation and hunting in their native Indonesia, so in efforts to save the species from extinction, the government will allow the rich to adopt them as pets. Yes, I'm totally serious.

For one billion rupiah ($107,000), people may adopt a captive-born pair of tigers — they're still state property and will be returned if no longer wanted — and the minimum cage dimensions are 16 feet by 19 feet by 32 feet. While the plan has received criticism from conservationists (duh), the ministry's director general of forest protection and nature conservation said:

"There are many orders from rich people who want them, who feel if they own a tiger they are a big shot. We have to take concrete steps to protect these animals."

These steps include visits at three-monthly intervals by a team of vets, animal welfare officers, and ministerial staff in hopes that some of only 400 still alive today will have homes and be protected from continued deforestation. Right off the bat, I'm wondering what those profits will now fund, but what's your take on the "tiger rental" concept?

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Why can't they do what other zoos do, where there is an "adoption" but the animals remain at the zoo. Lot of animal organizations do these kinds of adoptions/sponsorship and they are successful.
I'd like two, please <3
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