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Weekly Pet Horoscope

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You and your pet are at your best when you're around people who share the same basic pet-raising philosophies on Monday. Problems arise on Tuesday through Thursday when you try to get your pet to do something new, especially if it takes him or her out of the regular daily routine. Lowering your expectations will help the situation. You're extremely ambitious when it comes to pet tasks over the weekend, particularly on Friday and Saturday.
You want one thing but your pet clearly wants another on Monday. Whoever wins will probably gloat! You're extremely compassionate when it comes to animal rights on Tuesday through Thursday, so you might volunteer your time or donate money to a worthy cause. Take things slowly on Friday and Saturday, especially if you have a sick, injured, or older pet. If your pal can't keep up, you might have to carry him or her, or find an alternate way to get where you're going.
You want to spend your time deep in thought on Monday, but snap out of it long enough to take care of pet priorities. Your reputation is on the line between Tuesday and Thursday. Don't say anything that might get you into trouble. If you aren't positive that a pet remedy works, don't recommend it. A pet wish comes true on Friday or Saturday, just in time to make someone's day. You and your pet can be part of something big on Sunday.
Work with other people to come up with a solution to a neighborhood pet problem on Monday. The more the merrier on a pet excursion on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, but be on the lookout for potential personality clashes among animals and humans, and separate the group if necessary. Your first instinct is to react emotionally to a pet dilemma on Friday and Saturday, but a logical approach will ensure a much better outcome.
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Your pet isn't a baby any more, so don't treat him or her like one on Monday. Pets need their freedom, so keep a loose leash. Animals and finances don't mix well on Tuesday and Wednesday, so hold off conducting any pet-related business until another day. You and your pet have a good time no matter what you're doing on Friday and Saturday, but on Sunday you might need some outside stimulation to help you avoid boredom.
Is your pet's area of the house a mess? Monday is the day to clean it up. Between Tuesday and Thursday you're tempted to be critical of a friend, relative, or neighbor who isn't raising his or her pet like you would. Things will run much more smoothly if you take a "live and let live" approach. Money is tight at the end of the week, so avoid buying unnecessary things for your pet on Friday or Saturday.
You have a knack for understanding what your pet and other animals want on Monday. It's harder to understand your pet on Tuesday and Wednesday because both of you may be a bit moody. Finding a new way to communicate might help. There's room in your house for another pet on Friday and Saturday, but it has to be the right fit. Find out if roommates or family members have any animal allergies before you commit to getting a new pet.
A pet interrupts the peaceful balance at home on Monday, and it will probably be up to you to smooth things over. Your imagination and creativity are extremely helpful tools when dealing with a pet project on Tuesday and Wednesday, so don't be surprised if you're asked to help a group or organization with an animal campaign of some kind. Making a pet-related profit is the last thing on your mind over the weekend. You just want to help.
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Connect with other pet people on Monday. You get some helpful insight from an unexpected source. You have a tendency to lose or misplace things on Tuesday through Thursday. If you have any important pet-related documents or items, be sure to keep them in a special place. Playing games with your pet is fun on Friday and Saturday, but don't tease your pal to the point of frustration. One-on-one time is best for both of you on Sunday.
Watch out for pet-related schemes and scams on Monday. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Your financial situation isn't exactly as great as you'd like it to be on Tuesday and Wednesday, so it would really help your overall budget if you could find ways to cut back on pet expenses. Your family is much more of a hindrance than help when it comes to your pet problems over the weekend. Make your own pet decisions whenever possible.
People appreciate your pet opinions on Monday, so go ahead and speak your mind. Whether or not to get a pet should be a family or household decision on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. In other words, the people you live with may not appreciate a spontaneous pet purchase! An interesting discovery about your pet could lead you down a new path on Friday and Saturday, but resist the urge to try to profit from this talent on Sunday.
Your dreams give you insight into a pet dilemma on Monday, so pay close attention to what your subconscious may be trying to tell you. Take advantage of the extra boost of energy you feel between Tuesday and Thursday by taking your pet on a long hike or engaging in another fun activity. It might seem like it's you and your pet against the world over the weekend, but someone comes along on Sunday who restores your faith in humanity.
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