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Weekly Pet Horoscope

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You can try to make your pet move more quickly on Monday, but it will likely be a study in frustration. The pace picks up more to your liking on Tuesday and Wednesday, but make sure your pet is well hydrated if you're working him or her harder than usual. Thursday through Saturday is a good time to start a new routine, especially if your pet seems bored. Older relatives need pet help on Sunday. Volunteer your time.
Your pet's loyalty is touching on Monday. Give treats to show him or her your love. Use caution when dealing with a new animal on Tuesday and Wednesday. It might seem friendly, but you don't know its background. Compromise is necessary when you and a family member disagree on how to raise or train a pet on Thursday through Saturday. There is more harmony at home on Sunday, making for a peaceful day for you and your animal pal.
If there's something in your pet's way on Monday, you have to find a way to go around it instead of over it. Issues with communication come up on Tuesday and Wednesday. If your pet seems to be ignoring you, his or her hearing - not stubbornness - might be the problem. Well-calculated pet risks can pay off on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, but you know that dangerous situations should be avoided at all costs, of course.
If you're interested in another pet lover on Monday, make the first move. Your pets can help break the ice. Tuesday and Wednesday are good days to buck authority. Just be sure you know what you're doing before you tell a pet professional he or she doesn't know what's best for your pet. The more you assert yourself, the more your pet benefits on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Get to the front of the line - your pet deserves to get a treat before they're gone!
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Put your ego aside when dealing with pet issues on Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday can be good days to communicate your feelings about a friend or neighbor's pet, but there's no need to be negative. A compromise can be found if you work together. Thursday through Saturday is a time of emotional hardship if you're dealing with a sick or dying pet. Make him or her as comfortable and loved as you can.
Traveling with a pet is easy on Monday. Just make sure your paperwork is in order. A fine point in a pet-related contract or agreement gets overlooked on Tuesday and Wednesday, and you could be on the losing end. Be sure to look over important pet documents very carefully to avoid this. Large gatherings are fun for you and your pet on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, but be sure to have control of your pal so he or she doesn't get lost in the crowd.
Your pet has food issues on Monday. Watch what he or she eats very carefully. Keeping a pet burden to yourself won't help anything on Tuesday and Wednesday. Put your pride aside and ask for the help you need. Your pet duties start to weigh a little heavily on you on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, but in the end you know it's all worth it. Take a break on Sunday. Your pet needs to rest.
Try not to become overly attached to an animal on Monday. You know he or she has to go back home eventually. If you can't get your pet to listen to your commands on Tuesday or Wednesday, it might be time to call a professional. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday are good days to use your intuition to guide you through tough pet matters, especially if you're being torn in two different directions. Your heart knows which way to take you.
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Small pets give you big problems on Monday, but larger pets don't seem to be too much trouble. Boredom isn't a problem for you on Tuesday and Wednesday, but if your pet doesn't have enough to do, you might see some extra destruction. Take measures to make sure he or she is occupied. Try not to overreact to a pet problem on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday until you know the details. It might not be as bad as you think.
Get into the creativity of the moment on Monday. Creating artwork with your pet in mind is a lot of fun. You attract all kinds of animals on Tuesday and Wednesday, but some of them might be more needy than you can handle. If you're involved in a rescue group, keep in mind that sometimes you'll have to say no. Deal with pet issues directly and immediately at week's end. Putting something off until Sunday could have a negative impact on your pet.
Learning something new with your pet is a fun challenge on Monday. You might be better off sticking to your usual routine on Tuesday and Wednesday, but you can be aware of new techniques that someone else is teaching and keep them in mind for a later date. You can make a new friend on Thursday through Saturday by sharing pet stories. It might really help you to talk about a past pet. No one judges your pet decisions on Sunday.
Write a poem about your pet on Monday. It isn't silly - it's cute! Tuesday and Wednesday are good days to dive right into a pet project. The longer you drag your feet, the harder it will be to get started. Your animal loves to take center stage on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. That means you'll probably be in the spotlight, too. Get over your shyness and take a bow. You deserve the applause!
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