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Weekly Pet Horoscope

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Monday and Tuesday aren't good days to try to teach your old pet new tricks. There is much more positive energy surrounding you on Wednesday and Thursday, which makes accomplishing pet-related tasks easier than it does on any other days of the week. Friday through Sunday is an excellent time to tap into your pet's earning abilities. He or she does have some, you know!
Your pet problems don't have to go unsolved at the beginning of the week, especially if you have a sympathetic friend you can go to for help on Monday and Tuesday. If you're in too big of a hurry to make pet purchases on Wednesday and Thursday, you might make a costly mistake. Take things slowly over the weekend and feel confident that you're doing the right thing for your pet no matter what anyone else says.
You and your pet don't have the best communication on Monday and Tuesday. If you want to accomplish a specific trick or task, wait until later in the week. Wednesday and Thursday are good days to take the initiative. If you find yourself with pet lovers who are slightly hesitant, don't be afraid to take charge of the situation. Don't ignore serious pet matters over the weekend. They will only get worse.
Your mind wanders to better pet times on Monday and Tuesday, but there's very little you can do right now to fix your current situation. Things look a little brighter on Wednesday and Thursday. You certainly have a lot more energy to tackle the pet tasks you've been putting off lately. No one said taking care of a pet was easy. On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday you get a real taste of how much the responsibilities can cut into your personal time.
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Let your instincts be your guide when making decisions about your pet on Monday and Tuesday. You can get input from friends and family on Wednesday and Thursday, but be prepared to hear things you aren't necessarily ready for. The reality of your pet situation might hit you hard. You and your pet take a stubborn stand against each other on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. It doesn't look like either one of you is going to budge. Don't forget that you're the one in charge.
Try not to be too critical of a friend or family member who has a new pet. They're just learning how to take care of their animal pal! It might be up to you to step in during an animal emergency of some kind on Wednesday or Thursday, so remember to stay calm and call for assistance if you need it. Friday through Sunday is a good time to switch your pet to a new food, especially if you've seen changes in appetite lately.
Keep your pet on a daily schedule as much as possible on Monday and Tuesday. Confusion can easily set in if you vary things too much. Your pet's happiness doesn't have to be your entire focus on Wednesday and Thursday, but it should at least factor into the equation. If you can't keep up with your pet responsibilities, it might be time to think about your alternatives. The weekend is a good time to make major pet decisions.
Your imagination is a powerful tool when dealing with pet issues on Monday and Tuesday. If you can visualize it, you can make it happen. You're in the right place at the right time on Wednesday and Thursday, which allows you to come to the rescue of an animal or owner. You deserve the kudos you get on these days. Your pet is a powerful force on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Let them get out their aggression in a controlled environment.
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Losing important pet items slows you down on Monday and Tuesday. Work hard to make sure everything is in its place - and stays there. Children are drawn to your animal pal on Wednesday and Thursday, and all can have a good time as long as you keep things as safe and calm as possible. The small picture is much more important than the big one when it comes to your pet's future on Friday through Sunday.
Use your creativity to your advantage on Monday and Tuesday. Drawing or painting a picture of a pet from your past can be cathartic. Your pet's safety is your main priority on Wednesday and Thursday, which includes making sure he or she has plenty of water and is in a comfortable yet enclosed space and can't wander too far. Let your pet relax over the weekend, especially if you worked your pal hard all week.
Your budget might not allow you to do the things you want for your pet on Monday and Tuesday. They don't have to have all the very best things to feel loved. You're a strong animal advocate on Wednesday and Thursday, and getting the word out regarding your cause is high on your to-do list. You might not feel like you have much support on a certain pet issue, but over the weekend a friend or relative comes to your aid.
Something happens on Monday and Tuesday that reminds you why your pet is so special to you. Your energy levels might not match on Wednesday and Thursday, but you can still have fun together. Doing things in small groups of fellow pet lovers is preferable to larger gatherings on these days. If your pet isn't listening to you on Friday through Sunday, it might not be what you're saying but how you're saying it that's confusing.
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