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Weekly Pet Horoscope

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Your pet's health is a primary concern on Monday and Tuesday. Borrow the money if you can't afford to take him or her to the vet. Wednesday and Thursday are good days to start new pet projects, especially ones that could be lucrative. An aloof pet could be trying to tell you something on Friday and Saturday. Watch the body language very closely. Your pet needs some new duds on Sunday!
Your emotions are tied up with a sick or lost pet on Monday and Tuesday. Do whatever is in your power to help bring the animal to a safe and healthy place. A normally boring pet routine is a little more exciting on Wednesday and Thursday, thanks in part to suggestions from a new friend or co-worker. You work hard to keep your pet matters private on Friday and Saturday, and you don't like gossip or false rumors being spread.
Monday and Tuesday are good days to think about your pet's future. If something happens to you, what would happen to your pal? You both get overwhelmed with too much external stimulation on Wednesday and Thursday, so try to keep the noise and outside distractions to a minimum when you're trying to focus on training of any kind. Friday and Saturday are slow, easy days. Your patience at the end of the week lets your pet get away with things usually not allowed!
If your pet's pen, cage, kennel, or area in the yard is getting messy, Monday and Tuesday are good days to get in there and clean it up. It's wise to use caution when starting new pet ventures on Wednesday and Thursday, especially if you're dealing with new people or circumstances. If you can't be sure, hold off until you can do further research. Play with your pet on Friday and Saturday. The word for the end of the week is "fun."
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Monday and Tuesday are good days to reassess a pet situation that isn't working to your advantage. You have options. You don't have any trouble getting people to think like you do about pet issues on Wednesday and Thursday, but the last thing you want to do is come across as a know-it-all. Friday and Saturday can be high-energy days for you and your animal pal. You have a real chance to change a bad habit for good. Friends can care for your pet if need be on Sunday.
Something that's confused you about a certain animal suddenly becomes clear on Monday or Tuesday. You shouldn't have any trouble moving forward now. Wednesday and Thursday are indecisive days when it comes to pet purchases. If you think you might make impulse buys, take along someone who can be the voice of reason. Friday and Saturday are restless days. Try not to be irritated if your pet is more destructive or noisy than usual.
If you try to take on too many pet projects on Monday and Tuesday, you might get overwhelmed and not finish any of them. Put things in perspective by making a priority list. A romantic partner loves you but only tolerates your pet on Wednesday and Thursday, which could cause some tension. Listen to your gut feeling when making short-term decisions about your pet on Friday and Saturday, but keep other people's opinions in mind on Sunday.
If you do a friend a pet-related favor on Monday or Tuesday, you can expect them to return it when you need it toward the end of the week. You may really want a new exotic pet on Wednesday and Thursday, but be sure to check out the rules and regulations. You may not be able to legally keep it where you live. Friday and Saturday are good days to try to change an animal-related law you don't like. Go through the proper channels.
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Monday and Tuesday are good days to spend with just your pet. Other people tend to get on your nerves on these days, especially if they try to tell you how to handle your pet business. Joining a pet support group is a good idea if you're grieving on Wednesday and Thursday. Support groups of various kinds can be helpful to all pet owners in general on these days. Your subconscious is active over the weekend. Pay attention to animals in your dreams.
Go on a fact-finding mission about your pet on Monday and Tuesday. When it comes to details, third parties aren't reliable sources. You're willing to focus your energy on changing a pet's behavior on Wednesday and Thursday, but if they're feeling stubborn, you won't make progress. Work on the things you can change and accept what you can't about your pet over the weekend. Be more patient than usual on Sunday.
A pet professional might be overstating his or her qualifications, so be sure to check references if you have doubts about the people caring for your pet on Monday and Tuesday. Your past experiences come into play on Wednesday and Thursday, so you should be able to help less experienced pet owners find their way. Your need to feel useful points you toward an animal shelter over the weekend. Volunteering your time is very rewarding.
You don't have to know all of the details before you begin a new pet project on Monday and Tuesday. Jump in first and ask questions later. Wednesday and Thursday are good days to cash in on pet favors that friends and relatives owe you, just be sure what you're asking for doesn't exceed what you did for them. The big picture is pretty fuzzy on Friday and Saturday, so you're better off focusing on small pet issues on these days.
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