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Weekly Pet Horoscope

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You have a hard time making difficult or emotional pet-related decisions at the beginning of the week. It might be best to put off making any life-changing pet choices completely until your mind can focus a bit more clearly. A friend can give valuable advice if you're in the mood to listen on Wednesday, and Thursday through Saturday is a good timeframe for you to work in groups. Join a pet-related class or sign up with a trainer who offers group sessions.
Your emotions run high on Monday, so don't be surprised if you find yourself a bit nostalgic about a pet you had when you were younger. New pet opportunities come up on Tuesday and Wednesday, but you might want to wait until later in the week to make any permanent changes. Determination is the keyword between Thursday and Friday. If you work through the pain, you should get to where you want to go. Don't overstress your pet, though.
Intensity rules the beginning of the week. You're just a little louder and bolder between Monday and Wednesday, which could spook your pet if you aren't careful. You have a much more calm demeanor on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, but don't let it slip into laziness; your pet still depends on you for its care! Look for weirdness in your pet on Sunday, but there's probably little cause for real concern.
Service opportunities could come up for you and your pet between Monday and Wednesday. If you need any kind of additional training, sign up right away. The outcome of a pet dilemma is more up to you than you think on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. If you feel out of control, you aren't looking at all of your options. Look for your opinion about a pet matter to be changed on Sunday.
July 23 - Aug 22
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Monday is a totally fun pet day for you. Dress up your pet - even talk baby-talk to it - there's no one watching! Things turn a bit more serious on Tuesday and Wednesday, but not in a negative way. Midweek is a time for reflection; if you have a pet dilemma, look for answers to come to you during this time. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday bring a feeling of awareness, so things should be very clear for you at week's end. A pet mystery is very close to being solved.
A pet issue that looks shallow on the surface is actually deeper than you think at the beginning of the week. Do thorough investigations into pet issues between Monday and Wednesday in order to find the truth. When it comes to pet activities on Thursday through Saturday, it's important to look before you leap, perhaps in a very literal sense. Misdirection is likely toward the end of the week, and caution is necessary to keep you and your pet safe.
Your pet picks up on your restlessness at the beginning of the week, and your pal is more than happy to accompany you on a spontaneous outing. Starting Thursday, your hard work and dedication toward a pet begins to pay off. The rewards you get - although perhaps not monetary or tangible in nature - are far worth the effort you have put in, and then some. Organization is key on Sunday; if you're missing one of your pet's toys, start an orderly search.
Your selfish mood gets in the way of spending quality time with your pet early on Monday, but by Tuesday and Wednesday you see the error of your ways and are much more generous with your time. A memory of a pet from your past can be sad on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday, but the melancholy can turn to happiness if you focus on the good times rather than the bad.
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You and your pet have an enviable magnetism at the beginning of the week, so don't be surprised if strangers stop you on the street and comment on your pet's special qualities between Monday and Wednesday. The people around you are likely to be in good moods between Thursday and Saturday, so if you have a pet-related favor to ask or an apology to make, these are perfect days to cross those things off of your to-do list.
When it comes to your pet issues, the big picture is much more important than the small one between Monday and Wednesday. Focusing on details will only complicate things. Money becomes an issue toward the end of the week, especially on Friday and Saturday. You may have to postpone a vacation or major purchase due to an unexpected pet problem, but don't worry about making the wrong decision - your priorities are in the right place.
Important pet decisions can be made at the beginning of the week without any second-guessing; you know what you need to do, so don't hesitate. Between Thursday and Saturday you should be able to look forward to a positive outcome on a pet issue that's been bothering you lately. And again, second-guessing is of little or no use once you've made up your mind. Friends come to your rescue when you need them most on Sunday; it's immediately obvious who you can and can't trust.
Get set for your privacy to be invaded at the beginning of the week. Whether you have a houseguest or just a nosy neighbor, it may very well inhibit the way you're able to care for your pet. Be patient; this too shall pass! Restrictions block your way toward the end of the week, especially when it comes to getting pet permits and licenses. The red tape is thick, especially on Friday, but it isn't completely impenetrable.
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