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Weekly Pet Horoscope

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Your pet's health takes the spotlight at the beginning of the week. A vet visit on Monday may lead to some unexpected news later in the week; be prepared for more pet bills than you were hoping for. A friend or family member disagrees with your pet decision on Thursday or Friday, but you shouldn't let their opinion change your mind. You're much more wishy-washy on Saturday and Sunday, at which time it might help to get an outside opinion.
Your new sense of boldness opens up new opportunities for you and your pet on Monday, but on Tuesday and Wednesday, it's back to your usual routine. Luckily, neither one of you minds too much! Your sense of selflessness gets tested when a pet emergency arises on Thursday or Friday. Don't worry - you should pass the test with flying colors. If you're feeling uncomfortable on Saturday and Sunday, follow your pet's lead.
Your pet can't read your mind on Monday. If you want results, you have to give firm commands. It's easy to show affection to your pet on Tuesday and Wednesday, but your emotions are a little more bottled up toward the end of the week. Seek out a pet therapist if the problems continue through Friday - you can be skeptical at first, then surprised when it works! Your possessive side comes out when someone tries to spend time with your pet on Saturday or Sunday.
A pet debate can get out of hand on Monday if you aren't careful. Voice your opinions but don't try to sway others. You have a much harder time communicating your thoughts on Tuesday and Wednesday, which could mean problems for you and your pet. Give clear commands that are easy for them to understand; leaving them guessing won't get you the results you're looking for. The end of the week brings a slower pace and the need for compromise.
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You want the best for your pet, but on Monday you might not be able to afford to top-of-the-line products. Wait until later in the week - Thursday and Friday - to make major purchases if possible. A roommate or romantic partner challenges a pet decision on Tuesday or Wednesday. Hold your ground; this issue is probably worth fighting for. Release your feelings for a former pet on Saturday and Sunday. Keeping your emotions bottled up isn't helping.
On Monday everything clicks between you and your animal pal, but on Tuesday and Wednesday you're more introverted than usual, which can cause some conflict between you and your pet. Your pet's needs come before your own on Thursday and Friday, and through Sunday, actually, you're more than happy to give up some creature comforts for the comfort of your favorite creature! Just don't go overboard on the spending.
Flexibility is the key to a smooth pet-human relationship on Monday. Small details are more important than larger ones on Tuesday and Wednesday, especially the fine print on any pet-related documents. You really want to spoil your favorite animal pal on Thursday and Friday, but your budget might not be all that accommodating. Wait to splurge until Saturday or Sunday, when you have a better chance of having a little extra cash around.
Being active with your pet is a great way to spend time on Monday, but your energy level dips lower on Tuesday and Wednesday, making these good days to lay low and hang out at home together. Socializing with your pet is a great idea at the end of the week, and special connections can be made on Thursday or Friday with someone with an animal of similar breed to your own. Your generosity isn't at its peak on Saturday and Sunday, but your pet still needs love.
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Challenges in your career make it difficult to balance your home life and your work life on Monday. Try to find someone to fee them and let them out if you're going to be working late through Wednesday. You're feeling a lot more passive than usual on Thursday and Friday, which isn't ideal if you have a major pet-related decision to make. Rely on someone's expert opinion at the end of the week, especially Saturday and Sunday.
An unexpected bonus on Monday helps you buy something for your pet that you didn't think you would be able to afford. Your good luck continues through Wednesday, but on Thursday or Friday, everyone is looking to you for pet-related answers that you just don't have. Consult the Internet or call a well-respected professional instead of trying to guess the answers on your own. Your imagination gets you out of most pet-related dilemmas on Saturday and Sunday.
Monday isn't the easiest pet day, but Tuesday and Wednesday shape up to be unexpectedly bright when it comes to your relationship with your pet. You connect on a whole different level midweek, which is a good thing, but when your energy gets refocused into something like work at the end of the week, your pet may get a bit resentful. Watch out for passive-aggressive behavior from your pet on Saturday or Sunday; they may not have forgiven you quite yet!
Compromise is key to your pet relationship on Monday. You're definitely the boss on Tuesday and Wednesday, but you may have a hard time convincing them of that! Use firm commands and don't give in, no matter how cute their begging is! Your animal helps you connect with someone you typically wouldn't even notice on Thursday or Friday, and they can also boost your social calendar over the weekend, especially on Sunday.
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