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Weekly Pet Horoscope

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If someone has a difference of opinion with you on a pet-related matter on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, let it slide - it isn't worth the argument. If you have a friend who can help with a pet-related matter on Thursday or Friday, say yes. The shoe is on the other foot on Saturday and Sunday when you find yourself in a position to help someone else with their pet. Setting up a regular "pet care" exchange with them may be helpful in the future.
You and your pet explore new places together happily on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. A road trip would be a great idea at the beginning of the week! You aren't sure whether or not what you're asking of your pet is possible on Thursday and Friday, but they might very well surprise you. High expectations can lead to great accomplishments. Saturday and Sunday are productive pet days. You should get the help you have been looking for.
Taking pet-related risks probably won't pay off at the beginning of the week. If you have a question about whether or not to proceed on Monday through Wednesday, weigh the pros and cons very carefully. Travel may be on your schedule on Thursday or Friday, and if you can't find anyone to watch your pet, consider taking them along. Practicality should be your number one consideration. A strange action by your pet on Saturday or Sunday has you scratching your head.
You may very well be an expert on your particular pet, but not everyone wants to hear about it between Monday and Wednesday. Choose your words carefully at the beginning of the week, especially around family members. A friend or business partner asks something pet-related from you on Thursday or Friday that you aren't quite ready to give in to. Say no to anything you don't think you can handle. Things aren't as they appear on Saturday and Sunday. Do some pet-related investigation.
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Do something to pamper yourself and your pet on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. You don't have to spend a lot of money - get creative! Your mood turns slightly sour on Thursday and Friday, and you don't much feel like dealing with outsiders. Cuddle up with your pet if they're the cuddling type, or just spend some time with them to forget the outside world. Someone has a very different approach to their pet than you do on Saturday and Sunday. Agree to disagree.
Having a pet on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday is so much fun! Forget about your responsibilities and just have a good time with your animal pal! Your health routine could use a kick on Thursday and Friday, and your pet is a great motivator to help get you up and moving. Find a way to incorporate them into your exercise routine somehow. On Saturday and Sunday, you feel the urge to cling a little too tightly to your pet. Loosen the leash just a bit - it won't be as hard as you think.
Family obligations call to you on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, so much so that you may have to ignore your own responsibilities, namely your pet's. Just make sure they are well fed, and if you can get a friend or neighbor to look in on them in your absence, all the better. The hard work you've been putting in on training your pet finally pays off on Thursday or Friday. Be sure to give them their just rewards! Saturday and Sunday are good days to organize pet-related drawers and closets.
Finish current pet projects on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday before starting new ones. You have a tendency to take on a bit too much at the beginning of the week, which can leave you frustrated. If you're feeling sentimental about a pet that isn't with you any longer on Thursday or Friday, find a way to let it out. Bottling your feelings up won't help you toward the end of the week. Keep your head down on Saturday and Sunday; your pet will come through for you eventually!
Nov 22 - Dec 21
Dec 22 - Jan 19
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Feb 19 - Mar 20
A pet-related impulse buy between Monday and Wednesday will no doubt lead to some regret. Hold off making big purchases until you are thinking a little more rationally. Business-related pet matters are your focus on Thursday and Friday, and it's best to keep things very businesslike. Mixing business with pleasure isn't a good idea. The harmonious balance you worked hard to create at home is upset on Saturday and Sunday. Make sure your pet feels as comfortable as possible.
Your confidence in your pet is renewed when you see them do something heroic or noble on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. Rewarding them is key to making sure they do it again! Your budget might not allow you to splurge on your animal pal the way you would like on Thursday or Friday, but if you get creative, you should be able to find a pleasing compromise. A connection with someone new is nice on Saturday or Sunday, but if they don't mesh with your pet, it probably won't be long-term.
Your pet may not act ideally on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, but expecting perfection will only lead to disappointment. Accept them for who they are and your relationship should improve. Your pet plans work out just as you'd hoped on Thursday and Friday, which puts an interesting idea into your head. Follow up on your idea over the weekend - Saturday and Sunday are good days to set things in motion.
You and your pet have a great time in a big group of other pets and people at the beginning of the week, so plan a pet-related group outing with friends or family if possible between Monday and Wednesday! You aren't as disciplined as you usually are on Thursday and Friday, so your pet responsibilities may begin to slide a bit. Food and water are necessary, but all else can probably wait until you're more organized.
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