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Weekly Pet Horoscope

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Pet bills start to stack up at the beginning of the week, but you may not have the resources to pay them all at once. Try to work out a payment plan with your vet; he or she should be cooperative. You and your pet both have high-energy days on Wednesday and Thursday, so finding something to do together should be effortless. Be extremely observant of your pet on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. You should be able to solve a mystery if you watch them very closely.
Baby steps are the key to solving a pet-related problem on Monday and Tuesday. Jumping in without doing any kind of research won't help your case, either. Wednesday and Thursday are more active days for you than usual, so take advantage of the spring in your step and do something fun with your animal pal. Creativity flows through you in unusual ways on Friday through Sunday. Take an artistic approach to gift giving by making paintings, sculptures, or taking photos of your friends' pets.
You want your pet to look flashy on Monday and Tuesday, but you don't have the cash to give him or her what you want. Wait until your budget can support your purchases; going into debt for your pet isn't worth it at the beginning of the week! Wednesday and Thursday find you communicating easily with other "pet people," but when someone challenges your opinions over the weekend, you declare war. Try to leave your ego at the door when you're discussing your pets with family. They mean well.
Monday and Tuesday are great days to reach new heights with your pet. If you're in a contest together, expect to take first place. You want your gestures to mean something on Wednesday and Thursday, but keep in mind that you're dealing with an animal, not a person. They may not show their appreciation the way a human would, but they love you in their own way! A new breed of animal makes you curious over the weekend. Do your research before adding to your menagerie.
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Don't ignore the nagging voice in your head on Monday and Tuesday. If you think something's up with your pet, follow your intuition. Wednesday and Thursday you are a social butterfly, and your pet can win you a prized invitation to an exclusive gathering if you play your cards right. Your generosity could get taken advantage of over the weekend, so be sure you really want to do a favor before you offer your gracious services.
Planning is the key to keeping your pet happy on Monday and Tuesday, and be sure to hope for the best but plan for the worst! There are difficult pet decisions to be made on Wednesday and Thursday, and you will probably feel better if you get a second opinion - and maybe a third -before you make your final choice. You're the expert on pet matters over the weekend, so if anyone tries to tell you you're wrong on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, politely prove your point.
Trying to rush through a pet procedure on Monday or Tuesday will only result in frustration. Take your time and deal with things thoroughly. Joining a pet-related group or association can open a lot of doors for you on Wednesday and Thursday, especially if you work or are thinking of working in an animal-related field. Your pet needs you to stay close on Friday through Sunday, so you may have to postpone or cancel social plans.
Do your research before you make a pet-related commitment on Monday and Tuesday. Someone you thought you could trust is being a tad bit shady. Wednesday and Thursday prove to be trying when you spend a lot of time with your pet. Absence definitely makes the heart grow fonder, so if there's someone who can watch them for you for a few hours, take advantage of their offer. Winning a prestigious honor makes you enormously proud of your pet over the weekend.
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If you have any pet-related business to do on Monday or Tuesday, be very cautious, Things are not what they appear to be at the beginning of the week. You are able to connect on a positive new level with a pet on Wednesday and Thursday, which could change your ideas about pet ownership completely. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, in contrast, are good days to reevaluate an aspect of pet ownership that isn't working for you.
Are you being too critical of your pet on Monday and Tuesday? You have a tendency to expect perfection at the beginning of the week, which means you'll probably be spending a lot of time being disappointed. A friend or neighbor can help you out of a pet jam on Wednesday and Thursday, but you're on your own over the weekend. You'll have to come up with creative solutions to your pet problems on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, because you probably won't get much outside help.
Your pet may be more affectionate than usual on Monday and Tuesday, but that's fine with you! Showing your emotions is hard with humans at the beginning of the week, but effortless with your animal pals. Take a chance and break out of a boring pet routine you have going on Wednesday and Thursday. Taking the long way home with your pet allows you to see something amazing together. You're feeling possessive between Friday and Sunday, but don't hold the leash too tight.
Pet relationships are business as usual on Monday and Tuesday, but by Wednesday and Thursday, things start to go south, and the reasons why may escape you. Trying to understand your pet midweek may be pointless, so try to coexist as best you can until the weekend. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday restore your harmonious bond. Plan an outing or a special activity you can enjoy together.
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