Welcome to PetSugar, the newest addition to the Sugar Network! Covering everything from the bare bones to the lap of luxury, this is the place to indulge yourself (and your pets, too) with the sweetest animal information around.

Now, that the cat's out of the bag, I'm super psyched to share my secrets with you! First off, for all you pet owners out there, check your TeamSugar profile — you can now add an animal to your page! Here's just a sneak peek at what else you can expect on the site:

  • Out and About: With a new post every day, and a new state every week, this is shaping up to be the most amazing travel expedition for pets ever with fun tips and trips across the country!
  • Pet Peeves and To the Rescue: Having trouble with your pets? Have you figured out a simple training technique that works every time? PetSugar will offer simple guides to solving your pet parenting troubles and let you share great tips you've learned along the way with the community.
  • In the Spotlight: From what they have to what they crave, this is the celebrity pets confidential!
  • Creature Features and Sniffed Out: I'll uncover closeups on pets and non-pets alongside interesting people whose work involves animals!

So, stay tuned... there are more wild things to come and I'd love to hear your ideas below. If you're an animal lover, get ready to fall in love with the site — it's so indispensable, it's a girl's new best friend!