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Do Tell: What Has Been Your Scariest Pet Emergency?

Resident Frenchie Samson had a bit of a health fiasco this week, and was taken to the ER for treatment! Word on the street is that he may have ingested some sort of toxin leaving him with muscle spasms and vomiting, which we all can imagine, are big signs of trouble. Thankfully, Samson is doing much better, but it sure did give mom a scare.

I imagine many of us have been there: pacing the waiting room of a vet's office on pins and needles, hoping for some good news. So tell me, what has been your scariest pet emergency, and how did you handle it?

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Sarahrob Sarahrob 8 years
I had just had my kitten for less than a month (it is my first cat) and he was following me around as usual in the morning. He is very energetic, and all of the sudden he was asleep on the ground as I was going to leave. I lifted his head up to say goodbye and he didn't wake up or open his eyes, so I picked him up and noticed that there was vomit on his chin. I said his name a few times and looked at his eyes and they were rolled back in his head, so i shook him lightly and said his name a lot louder. He still didn't wake up so I shook him more vigorously and yelled at him and he still didn't regain consciousness so i took a knuckle to his ribs and ran it up and down to get a pain response and there was no response. I looked at his chest and it wasn't moving up and down so I listened to his breathing and it was really shallow, so I put him down and he barely lifted himself up and started walking really wobbly back and forth, and I rushed him to the ER. He didn't protest being put in his box or the ride over (which he absolutely hates), and the doctor said he had a hypoglycemic episode. He had been put on antibiotics a few days before for an infection and this curbed his appetite so he must not have wanted to eat for the whole night. I thought I had lost my little baby and I didn't know what to do, it was the worst experience!
beram1220 beram1220 8 years
I had a similar problem with a Hartz Flea Medication. NEVER use their products. Luckily my dog is large and his only reaction was hives and scabs (which was pretty horrible in itself but I've heard of worse). The CEO of that company should be thrown in jail for making such a horrible product.
sentineltree sentineltree 8 years
last year i came home for lunch - something i hardly ever do but thank god i did. this was when i used to let my cat come and go from the apartment as she pleased. when i saw her laying on the bed i noticed something on her foot, as i came closer i saw it was blood, and when i moved her foot i saw her lower abdomen was sliced open. I called out of work and rushed to the vet where she had to get stitched up and luckily after all was said and done she healed fine. I still dont know how it happened but i was afraid i was going to lose my baby :( she was very calm the entire time, letting me pick her up to put in the carrier, and i was strangely calm until she was finally admitted. i knew i had to be strong for her!
Cole Cole 8 years
When my Boykin Spaniel, Duncan, was 3 months old we were playing outside when he discovered a garden glove that had not been put away. He grabbed it and took off running. I caught him just in time to open his mouth and see the blue of the glove disappear down the back of his throat. I freaked out, called my husband at work, couldn't reach him, tried another number, and finally called his lab mate who went and got him. Then we called a 24 hour vet I found in the phone book because ours was already closed. The lady told me to try to force Duncan to throw up, but told me she didn't know how to do it. Needless to say as soon as my husband got home we rushed Duncan across town to the emergency vet where they did X-rays. It was a good thing I didn't listen to the phone vet as the X-ray showed there was no way the glove was coming out either end of our poor puppy. He needed surgery. They told us they could do it that night or we could wait until the next morning and our regular vet could handle the surgery. As the glove wasn't going anywhere and wouldn't cause anymore damage so long as we didn't feed him, we opted for our regular vet. Now during this whole time Duncan is acting like his normal playful puppyself, like nothing had happened. He had his surgery the next day and luckily everything went smoothly. Our vet couldn't believe how happy and active he was before and after the surgery. About an hour after the surgery he was whining to be let out of his crate at the vet so he could play, they had never seen a dog with such resilience. Then, unfortunately, we discovered last year that Duncan has food allergies, so now he is one expensive, but loved puppy.
hmweis1 hmweis1 8 years
So my husband and I were hitting golf balls in the yard and our puppy kept chasing after them. When we went to gather all the balls there was one we couldn't find. I immediately started panicking thinking my puppy had swallowed it, so we rushed her to the puppy ER where they did an x-ray and discovered no golf ball. It was a relief, but still ended up costing us $300. Oh well, it was worth it to be sure.
cherryblossom cherryblossom 8 years
our- new kitten was playing around downstairs in my house with the door shut in my boyfriends brothers room, i was coming down the stairs at a reasonable pace as they are very steep. as i went to step onto the ground from the last stair, the door was opened and the kitten ran RIGHT under my foot, i literally had NO time to stop myself midair and i stepped on a part of the kitten. I cried, i thought i hurt her, and i was freaking out, I watched her ALL night, letting her eyes follow my finger, and looking or signs of a concussion. She was as perky and spry as ever the next day after some long hours of tlc, and rest, but it was the scariest moment of my recent life.
Tsybrant Tsybrant 8 years
We have had a few scary moments with the girls: My best friend/roommates dog diamond had an eye infection, no big deal right? well it wasn't until the medicine they gave us to put into her eyes actually caused the tissue around her eyes to swell and literally push her eyes out of her head. Her regular vet's reaction was " we don't have any openings this evening" bring her in on Monday- it was FRIDAY! Needless to say after some serious pushing and some tense couple of days, the swelling went down, her eyes went back in head and all is well. My dog Diva has actually blown both of her knees and while you never get used to it the worst was the first time... I was out of town and my best friend was taking care of her after we knew she had a sore leg. It was a rainy November night and Diva needed to potty and she went out the back steps and slipped and fell down the stairs. Tina said the noise that came out of Diva could have curdled your blood, it was so awful! Surgery day came quickly and the surgeon had trouble getting the bleeding stopped and waking her up.. I have NEVER been so scared in my life... except maybe when she had her 2nd surgery 1 year later!! (Diva is only 3!!!) Sorry for the long post... :)
amandabuchanan amandabuchanan 8 years
We had to take both of our pugs in this afternoon because they got into some rodenticide! I was sooo nervous about them! I've taken them each in for their own individual emergencies (corneal ulcer on Stella and vaccine reaction on Doogal) but never together at once! They will be okay and at least they have each other... but I was very worried and so mad at my husband for being careless with the stuff.
Budderflie Budderflie 8 years
My husband came home for lunch one day (he never did that). He was upstairs in his office when he heard our cat Moxie screaming up the stairs. He ran to Moxie and found that Moxie was trying to claw his way up the stairs, his back legs dangling. My husband threw our cat in the car and called me at work. In the background I could hear Moxie wailing as my panicked husband asked how far down the street the vet was. I shot to my car and cried the entire way home knowing something was very wrong. I came home and my husband met me there after he dropped off the cat. He said our vet told us it looked bad but they would do some xrays and run tests. They had Moxie sedated and would call when they got some results back. We sat in silence in our living room all red faced from crying. It was like a family member was dying. We really thought so though and it was devastating. Moxie is such a lovey and hes so sweet we are obsessed with him. We have a second cat too, but hes always been fine. After an hour the doctor called with bad news. We went to the vet where I could see Moxie all sedated and crying in his cage. It broke my heart. The vet said it looked like Moxie had a bad heart condition and it would be best to put him down, unless we wanted a specialist to come up and give us a second opinion. We opted to take Moxie home with medication and get that specialist to come up. I remember hugging him in the waiting room with tears rolling down my eyes and sitting with him in the car as my husband paid the vet. Then Moxie, finally relaxed, peed all over me. HAHA It was the LONGEST week ever. Once the specialist came up, she shaved his belly, did an entire body ultra sound and found his heart looked great, along with all his other organs. They did blood tests to determine he may have had a seizure. She gave him a clean bill of health and we were on our way. 3 years later and hes still a lovey. Im so glad we got that second opinion. We no longer go to the vet that told us to put Moxie down. I cant imagine doing so and then finding out he was ok. SCARY!!
Calekey Calekey 8 years
I was about seven at the time, but we had just gotten our pup, Blue, who would've been home weeks earlier if mange hadn't been an issue for the litter. It was X-Mas eve and he just wasn't eating, and had just gotten his shots so lack of appetite was normal. He started throwing up his food and was completely lethargic. So my father took Blue to the Animal ER and they diagnosed him with parvo. They also had his brothers there as well. For about a week it was pins and needles to put him down or to keep hoping. My dad decided that if he was to go to the big doggie heaven it was going to be at home with those who loved him and that he loved. So while my mom made chili, I bonded with Blue if only for a little while. Later that day Blue was sitting on my dads lap, sleeping, when he was handed a bowl of chili. Blue woke and stood up, wobbly, and then just went towards the bowl of chili. The chili seemed to 'cure' him from the stomach disease that parvo is...but it was just the saddest and scariest week I'll ever remember with an animal. Sorry for sucha long post!
alba1 alba1 8 years
I woke up my dog to give him a bath after we had just arrived from the dog park, and noticed a pool a blood underneath him. I inspected him and found a deep hole on his side. Unfortunately i hadn't noticed that one of the dogs at the park had actually bit him quite badly on his side. We rushed him to the emergency where they treated the wound and gave him some antibiotics. His wound is pretty much healed, unfortunately he had to wear a muzzle for over a week since he ate the e-collar we first put on him!
trinalina trinalina 8 years
thank you Desert and so sorry to hear that hottpink - my aunt has had the same problem with her cat. I keep debating doing a natural pill instead, but still so much research I need to put into it
hottpink hottpink 8 years
First off-PLEASE NOBODY USE ANY HARTZ PRODUCTS!!! When my husband and I were poor college students about 5 years ago we resorted to using Hartz flea medication on our kitty. Everything was fine until the next morning when she started seizing, eyes rolling back and foaming at the mouth. She couldn't walk and her body would shake terribly when she was laying down. I rushed her to the Vet to find out that she had been poisoned by the "safe" product. Our poor baby had to stay at the Vet for 2 days while they watched her and gave her IV's. We started doing some research and found out that Hartz products have killed many many pets. Our Chubbles was very close to dying. Eventually Hartz paid for our Vet bill but this was nothing compared to what we went through. Please pass this along...I would never want anyone to go through this or worse...lose a beloved pet.
ladyr ladyr 8 years
My worst was when my little dog, Tara, ate a poisonous mushroom at the park. She nearly died. It was SO scary!!
Desert Desert 8 years
trinalina - All the best with your girl!
trinalina trinalina 8 years
My scariest was when I came home from work to take out my normally hyper puppy Karma, and as soon as we were 5 minutes into a walk to go potty she froze. She had been sniffing the grass and I was afraid she ate something. She stood threw up this clear liquid and than got a blank stare and looked like she'd just tip over. I freaked out, carried her inside, and called my vet who told me to take her to an emergency vet. We rushed over, and the woman that took care of my Karma was AWFUL. She barely looked at my dog, who is such a people lover, and did not pet her. She just had this cold feeling about her. They did an xray on Karma and they showed us the text book of a normal dog, and of my dog. I was told her heart was too big, stomach was tilted, liver was too small. Still this lady had no emotions as she was telling me my dog could have this list of troubles. And that she could die any moment. They kept her overnight to just give her fluids and than I made an appointment to see a heart doctor I even took her an hour from home, out in the country. After doing an ultrasound of her heart, we found out that there was a tear in her diaphragm and her liver slipped through it and was sitting on top of her heart. Not really allowing for her heart to expand as much as it should. The heart doctor we took her to was great,and we set up a surgery asap. Waiting to hear if she'd make it out was the longest day of my life. She took awhile to wake up from the anesthetics but she made it out perfectly! The heart doctor we took her to even took her home to watch her for a few days and she was moving around well the night of the surgery. I have to take her back in a few weeks to make sure everything is still okay and to see if her lung inflated yet, but I'm just glad that thanks to the evil first doctors diagnosis we got my dog on a path to healing.
Smacks83 Smacks83 8 years
*My dog's nose (NOT my nose). Sorry, can't seem to type today
Smacks83 Smacks83 8 years
*My dog's nose (NOT my nose) don't know why I can't type today
Smacks83 Smacks83 8 years
*My dog (not I dog) ps: sorry for the long post ;)
Smacks83 Smacks83 8 years
I dog had sneezing fits that the vet originally told us was probably allergies. One day I came home and everything was covered in blood and my family was freaking out because my nose was having nasal hemorrhaging. In a car (drenched in my pup's blood mind you) me and my bro drove her to the Animal Medical Center in NYC (I live in queens) to get treated. Turns out after tests she had a terminal cancerous tumor and died about a month later. My first dog went in to get spayed and they gave her the head cone in case she bites but turns out she scratched out all her stitches with her hind leg and had to be rushed to the emergency room (all her belly fat and part of her intestines were hanging out!) for surgery and two week hospital stay. Both times I was weirdly calm and rational and handled everything. As soon as my pup's were ok I would have hysterical crying fits and breakdown. Even though I have gone through great heartache (both dogs were put down due to cancer), I know that when my bf and I get our own place we will adopt again.
Desert Desert 8 years
My kitty Smudge has urinary crystals which had totally blocked his urethra. His bladder was all swollen and could have burst. He was lying on his back in pain and I just rushed him to the vet. Thankfully, he was alright but he's on special cat food now.
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