Okay, you've gotten through the hard part – you've done all your homework, met lots of prospective pets, and finally settled on one . . . congratulations! Chances are you've also given some thought to what you're gonna be calling that new pal of yours. Of course, you'll want a name that sounds and feels right, but you also don't want to be embarrassed yelling "come here Mister Foo Foo Fuzz" across a crowded dog park. Now, I've already shared that I named my childhood dog after a boy I had a crush on in preschool (ack, I know), yet my current pup, North, was nearly a Piper. I decided it would be a super cute name . . . but I took one look at that lil' guy and decided he was certainly no Piper. I finally settled on North before I even returned to Manhattan – I traveled on the Metro-North Railroad, and met the breeder at the Brewster North stop. It seemed like two hints too many so home arrived North. I know I'm not the only one who had a challenging pet naming process so I'm curious where your pets got their names . . . and you know I still want to hear those names in your comments too!