What Sound Do Red Panda Babies Make?

I'll get straight to the cute scoop: Meet Denver's new quadruplet Red Panda cubs, only the fifth recorded quad birth at a US zoo! The yet unnamed three boys and one girl entered the world on July 9 but the tiny creatures made a whole lotta racket at their big media debut.

With a love connection set up, under the Species Survival Plan (SSP), mom, Sophia was paired with dad, He-Ping since they were an excellent genetic match to help preserve the endangered species — there's less than 2,500 left in the wild! The babies will remain behind-the-scenes until Fall as they grow health and strong. After all, their thick fur coats help them live in the often low temperatures of the mountains of southeastern Asia . . . or chilly Denver, in this case.

Check out the cute close-up pics below then brush up on your Red Panda knowledge!

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