I remember the story of the "JFK cats" from last year: back in October, the Port Authority announced that they were rounding up the feral cats surrounding the New York airport and sending them to shelters. That, of course, caused an outcry as shelters cannot really handle any more animals . . . especially the virtually un-adoptable feral cats. Animal advocates called for a more humane trap, neuter, and return process to save the animals' lives and allow them to remain in their habitats. However, the authority recently decided to halt that program and focus on rounding up the cats instead.

"They are telling folks that they are trying to adopt these animals out, but that is patently not true," said Patrick Kwan, New York state director of the Humane Society of the United States. "These animals cannot be adopted out. This is an extermination program that sentences them to death."

The authority originally said that the cats pose a threat to aircraft operation and that the 5,000-acre airport is no place for these feral felines. While I can understand the dangers of – and to – the cats if they remain, I have to agree that gathering them up and placing them in shelters does not seem to be a final solution with a happy ending. How do you feel? Share your thoughts in the comments below!