Remember Slentrol, the canine antiobesity pill? Seems like that was just the start as there's now a medicine cabinet's worth of pills for pets . . . many very similar – if not chemically identical – to those meant for people. Treating common issues like separation anxiety (Reconcile), doggie cognitive dysfunction (Anipryl), and depression (Clomicalm), many vets also prescribe these drugs "off-label" for other issues like the "compulsive disorder" of Allan and Michelle Spring's German Shepherd:

Tail-chasing is normal — except that Max did it daily, often for hours on end. “He’s like a junkie needing a fix,” Allan said. “At times he can’t not do it. He goes berserk.”< /blockquote>

I've seen pups chase their tails before, pets that are super chubby and dogs who hate when their humans go byebye, but I've never thought there were pills to treat all of these things. I'm pretty picky about what goes into North's body, and personally don't think I would choose chemical treatment unless it was a last resort – what do you think?