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Oodles and oodles of labradoodles? These popular pooches come under fire by an unlikely candidate — their creator. Before you argue that surely a poodle and lab got together to have some babies on accident, the man credited with pioneering the breed matchup did so with very good intentions. You see in 1988, Willy Conron received a letter from a woman who needed a seeing-eye dog that wouldn't shed, because her husband was highly allergic and so the successful service Labrador Retriever was bred with the allergy-friendly Standard Poodle. Now over 20 years later, the service-dog trainer tells Paw Nation:

I regret all the people who got on the bandwagon willy-nilly. People who are breeding poodle crosses for the money, who have no concern for parentage.

For all the critics out there, does his statement — and the mixed breed's positive beginnings — change your opinion of these pups?

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michelleyk michelleyk 7 years
However, the issue with any type of "doodle" is they are mixed. You cannot guarantee that they will inherit the poodle's hypoallergenic hair, or god forbid, the labs, shed-a-palooza (I've had labs and goldens, and they are amazing dogs, but you have to be willing to de-fur yourself frequently). Also, I hate to say it, but what's wrong with poodles? They are intelligent, amazingly lovely dogs, especially if they're raised right.
snarkypants snarkypants 7 years
whew. it makes me feel good knowing i'm not the only one! they are adorable puppies, but you'd be hard-pressed to find a puppy of any breed that i don't think is cute :)
Susanna Susanna 7 years
Yes. Some of the puppies are cute, but I find adult Labradoodles very ugly.
snarkypants snarkypants 7 years
does anybody else find labradoodles ugly?
jossfan23 jossfan23 7 years
I have some concerns over this story. Seeing Eye Dogs are very specific thing and does not cover all service dogs nor even all dogs that work with individuals with vision impairments. Seeing Eye Dogs are mainly bred by the Seeing Eye in Morristown NJ . They are labs, goldens or german shepherds. When allergies are an issue, boxers are used. To my knowledge there are no and have never been labradoodle seeing eye dogs. Will Conron most likely meant to say guide dog instead of seeing eye dog and I wish you would change your story.
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