We've had several recent tales at Sugar HQ of beloved kitties gone missing. Sad. When checking at area shelters, one staffer got a handout with "search strategies" that she was kind enough to share. It lists four types of cats . . . and four different ways to seek them, if they should go missing. Since I'm hoping your pets are still safe at home, check out these descriptions to see which fits Fluffy best.

  • Curious clown. This cat loves exploring anything and anyone . . . and wants to be on the move to investigate.
  • Care-less kitty. These felines are a touch aloof, but observing nonetheless. They may not react to company – positively or negatively – but wander short distances nearby.
  • Cautious cat. Stable yet sometimes shy, they may hide in fear but generally can be coaxed out for meet and greets.
  • Xenophobic feline. Disliking all things out of the ordinary, these kits may never even come out to greet your friends, instead seeking shelter in a quiet room to stay alone.