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I Need Your Help . . . My Dog Is Scared of Men

This post comes from member lilegwene in the Pet Peeves group:

My husband and I adopted a dog from an animal shelter a little over two weeks ago. She's an abandoned, Australian shepherd mix, about six years old, and as sweet as can be. We've named her "Jaida" (pronounced Jay-ida and means "good girl" in Arabic). She is my little shadow and loves to cuddle with me and to play in the snow.

Unfortunately, she is very afraid of men including our vet and my husband. I thought it was something she would get over, and she has to an extent with my husband — she will take food from him now which she would not do for the first week we had her. She still does not come to him when he calls, puts her tail between her legs, looks away from him when he pets her, and darts away from him to hide under my desk especially when he first comes downstairs in the morning or comes home from work.

Learn the rest of this story — and offer your advice in the comments — when you


Right now he is in the kitchen making some food and we are in the living room, where she is hiding under my desk. If he goes to bed or goes to the gym, she will come out and lay on her bed next to the desk but while he is in the area she likes to stay in her safe zone.

I know it will take time, and my husband has been just talking to her nicely, petting her when she lets him, and giving her treats, but we could really use some tips from anyone who has had a similar situation. We'd love to speed along the process! I thought that two weeks in we'd start to see some more improvements, but little has changed. Also, are her actions caused by former abuse from a man or are some dogs just naturally wired to dislike a man's big frame and deep, loud voice?

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