There must be something in the water down there in Florida to cause a woman to hold a cat as ransom! This story is a bit tricky, so stay with me here:

Linda Urioste's black lab Scobby went missing several weeks ago, but instead of searching for him right away, she assumed he was stolen and gone for good. In the meantime, Scobby had turned up at the animal shelter and was adopted by Jutta Hollar and her husband after being unclaimed for weeks.

Eventually Urioste did check the animal shelter, and the couple learned that the rightful owner was looking for the pup. Upon meeting Urioste, the Hollars decided not to give back Scobby (now renamed Buddy), since Urioste was "extremely rude and threatened to sue."

Here's where things get interesting: Mizy, the Hollar's cat went missing a few days after meeting Urioste, and they received a message from her stating she had Mizy, and wouldn't give her back until they returned Scobby!

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After confessing, police arrested Linda Urioste for holding lil Mizy ransom in exchange for the dog. Charges included theft and extortion! Yeesh! What's the lesson here? Always look for your missing dogs, and don't use other pets as ransom!