OK, OK, I admit it: I'm a city gal through and through, but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate nature! So many of my pals are taking off for camping trips this Summer, which leaves North and I here in SF to take in the beaches and day spas alone (oh, darn). But if we were to head out into the wild (or semi-wild . . . with a bathroom and outlets, pretty please?), one of these tents would be perfect for North. As you know he does not sleep in my bed (although nights in hotels can sometimes be the exception), and besides, I can dirty up my own tent quite enough on my own without four paws tracking mud as well!

Not only will a pet tent keep your pooch safe and sound at night, but it will also keep him warm since the tent is much smaller, and can retain heat better than a people-sized tent would. Check out some of my faves below, but along with the tent, don't forget to pack his own first aid kit!