I came across a compiled list of "real" cat names that pretty much take the cake for worst ever. I got a chuckle reading through, just cause some of them are just that bad. I can't say that I was the best pet namer as a youngster, but at least I didn't name our family cat "Scaredy." That's right, as in Scaredy-Cat.

Although I don't necessarily agree with the order (I think Buzlingtonian Gingerbits should've at least made the top five), and some of them seem a wee bit fake (c'mon - Susie Sex Change, for real?), take a look at the top ten worst cat names anyway and tell me if you've heard of any real life kitty names that should have made the list!

  1. Swimmer
  2. Ducttape
  3. ChewToy
  4. Eucalyptus
  5. Balls
  6. Spayed
  7. Big Bad Baby Bentley Billy Joe Bob
  8. Cocaine
  9. Fattie
  10. Chicken Head Nose Face Fluffy Butt

Check out the rest of the list here, and tell me about the worst cat names you've ever heard in the comments below!