I've heard that tattooing can be totally addictive – once you get one, you'll never stop. I have been with some pals while they've gotten their first ink, and I'm not entirely sure I could work up the courage to dive in. The thought of pain and especially the sound of the tattoo gun made me want to take cover in a corner somewhere!

So when I came across some pet tattoos featured on The Bark Blog, it has me convinced that these are some pretty devoted pet owners . . . not only to get a tattoo of their beloved pets, but to brave the actual act of getting it in the first place!

Obvs, I'm not too hip on the whole tattooing craze myself (and I don't see myself changing my mind anytime soon). Until then, I'll be the one in the corner cowering away from the dentist-drill-sound of the tattoo gun – how about you?