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Would You Give Someone a Puppy as a Gift?

In the "Deck the Howls" episode of October Road the sweet but overeager Janet gives her new boyfriend, Eddie, a deeply personal gift: a puppy. Understandably, the gesture shocks Eddie. Janet's intentions were to get him a puppy to replace his beloved dog, Rocket, but Eddie doesn't feel ready to commit to another animal. Of course, the joke is on both of them when they realize it's not a puppy at all, but a wolf pup.

The scene got me thinking about the holidays, and how many people must adopt and purchase puppies to give to friends and family members as gifts. Knowing what I know about pet ownership and how much attention, veterinary care, and love puppies require I can't fathom surprising someone with one. What do you think?

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pizzolar pizzolar 9 years
I think it depends on the situation. After one of our family dogs died one fall, my brother and I got our mom a brand new puppy for Christmas. We knew she could handle and wanted the responsibility. I think if its someone within your family or very close to you, and you're absolutely positive they want a new puppy (ie: they tell you that exactly) then there's nothing wrong with it.
Jessie-M Jessie-M 9 years
Animals should NEVER be a surprise gift! There should always be thought, planning, and a lot of time preparing for the new addition(s) to the family.
snowbunny11 snowbunny11 9 years
Only if the person was planning on getting one anyway, could care for it, and helped pick it some of the other posters mentioned! As far as getting it for your kids, I agree it can be a good idea (as long as you are taking on the responsibility) but I think I would frame it less as, "I'm giving you a dog for Christmas" and more like, "we're picking out a dog as a family as part of our holiday fun." I don't think you should teach your kids that animals are presents in the conventional manner!
nariyal nariyal 9 years
My current pooch was a gift from the ex. He'd talked to my parents about it beforehand. I love the little guy to pieces, and I loooove animals in general, but I can see how this could be overwhelming to the average person. So no, I wouldn't recommend this at all.
CanadianInVA CanadianInVA 9 years
This is how dogs end up at the pound or neglected. I don't think this is a good idea at all.
Renees3 Renees3 9 years
If it was like a family member and we had discussed it or something I would. Like me and my bro in law talked about getting my sister (techinically their family) a dog for her b-day. She's wanted one fo years now, they finally own a home, her husband is in on it, no harm there.
LittleMascara LittleMascara 9 years
I would only buy someone a pet if I knew the specifics. Breed, weight, and whatnot. And only if they were with me and were about to buy it themselves. THIS is part of the reason why there are so many pets without homes in America! Be responsible. Only buy a pet if you know you are going to give it a forever home.
designergirl designergirl 9 years
I would only give someone very close to me a pet for christmas if they asked for one and were able to take of it. My brother gave me a cat last year and it fit those circumstances. As a student, I had a flexible schedule to take care of the kitten and I had been thinking about adopting one for a while. However, a puppy is a huge responsibility- much more so than a kitten- and shouldn't be a surprise.
cubadog cubadog 9 years
I think it is a very bad idea. I would want to let my puppy pick me. Part of the fun is going to the breeder to meet the puppies. I went out to the breeder twice and I knew Cuba was my puppy when he put his paws on my face both times and licked me. Plus a puppy in the winter time no fun to housebreak.
telewyo telewyo 9 years
Two years after their dog died my parents told me they wanted another one (a black schnauzer) but they didn't have any breeders near them so they asked me to look around where I live. My brother and I paid for the pup and gave him to them but since they specifically asked for him I don't know if that would be considered a present. I wouldn't EVER give a pet to someone as a surprise gift.
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 9 years
No No No, you cannot understand the amount of pets after christmas that are given up because the person was not ready for them, Its a selfish thing to give a life to someone who may or may not be ready for the responsibility.
Lovely_1 Lovely_1 9 years
I wouldn't. Not even to my boyfriend. It's their decsion, and I don't want them to feel like I forced them into anything. Perhaps I would give them a card saying we could go look at some, and if you want to and are ready, I will buy it for you.
kia kia 9 years
I think it is a nice gift IF if it well-thought out. The recipient needs to want a dog, be willing to take care of the dog, and have the means to do so. This is not something to surprise someone with.
SMEEheehee SMEEheehee 9 years
My (now ex)boyfriend bought me a beagle puppy one year. While I absolutely love my dog and can't imagine not having him now, at the time I was a little taken aback. I had said I wanted a dog but that I was going to wait until I moved to get one - he purchased one for me anyway. I wouldn't buy a dog for someone else unless I knew for sure that that's what they wanted and they specified it.
kiwitwist kiwitwist 9 years
No I would not. The ONLY time I would is for my own child because I would be the one taking care of it... so it really wouldn't be a gift but a surprise to the family.
Dollylo Dollylo 9 years
Puppies are not toys and so can't be some Xmas present!! I'd never give one as a gift (for xmas or something else) ;)
luloops luloops 9 years
Absolutely NOT!!! When are we going to realize that dogs are not objects but loving , feeling beings that are capable of love and devotion? My dogs are valued members of our family. None of them came from a pet store or breeder but from shelters, the street and rescue group in my area.
a-lifetime-ago a-lifetime-ago 9 years
This situation happened to a friend of a friend, and the comment he made about it was dead on: "She didn't give him and present, she gave him a responsibility! No one wants that." Pets should never be given as presents, it's a bad idea.
Jillz1128 Jillz1128 9 years
I only would if I knew for sure they wanted one and would be responsbile. I would also take them to pick it out. I'm a big believer that you need to pick out the puppy for yourself, see which one you connect with.
ehadams ehadams 9 years
No way! I volunteer for an animal rescue group, and we rescue the most dogs from the pound in early January because so many people get them as presents and then get rid of them a few days later.
MandyJoBo MandyJoBo 9 years
Never. Even if the person WANTS to take care of a dog, adopting a dog is a very personal experience. It involves going to meet the dogs and finding one that you connect with, NOT just anyone picking one out for you and bringing it home.
cittypark cittypark 9 years
i absolutely love dogs, but i would never want someone else to pick one out for me.
annebreal annebreal 9 years
Only for your own children, when they've asked for one and you're basically taking on the responsibility yourself. I totally hint dropped at my dad for a betta and one of those cute bowls after reading that post about them, lol! 22 years old and still have that Veruca Salt syndrome!
pinkdragonfly pinkdragonfly 9 years
No no NO!! Animals as gifts are NEVER a good idea!!
srowland srowland 9 years
Puppies do not make good Christmas presents. They are a lot of work and responsibility; and Christmas is too busy of a time to deal with a puppy. Don't get me wrong I LOVE animals; but I also work at a vet clinic and I know how much work they are. We just had puppies come in that were Christmas presents that ate about an expensive present.
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