Nope, it's not a joke. VIP Fibers is the first and original company to specialize in hand-spinning your pet's fur into "Fur-Ever Yarn." All you've got to do is brush your pet and send in the fur, and then you'll receive yarn to knit, crochet, or weave anything you want from a scarf to a stocking . . . to, yes, patterns for this bikini.

They've got a list of breeds whose hair they accept as the diameter of individual hairs to determine how well the yarn will work – the finer the fiber, the softer the yarn and the better for wearing! Unfortunately for me, Boston Terriers aren't listed so I've simply thrown out that baggie of hair I've pulled using the Furminator! Oh well, a college friend once told me I was too high strung to knit anyway – I was a tad obsessed with getting each row perfectly even so I'm abstaining from the possibilities of traveling to Florida without my dog, but with a bikini handwoven of his hair. I'll opt for dog hair on my coat over smelling like a wet dog at the beach, but maybe I'm just not fashion forward enough – what about you?