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North loves his yums as much as the next pup, but I don't think he has the willpower to cut himself off for portion control purposes when the peanut butters are in reach of his nose. And this totally cute (but pretty impractical) Yuppy Puppy Food and Treat Machine ($39.99) would let him help himself whenever he was ready for a snack . . . without ever putting his penny in! The oversized, bone-shaped lever works for paws large and small, and I think I'd have to keep it out of reach and let my lucky one test it out on special occasions only. Am I alone in thinking my wily pup would have it emptied in no time at all if I set it up next to his crate? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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prada08 prada08 8 years
Maite would clean it out each time you filled it up. lol :) She would love it. Meiko would save his treats and make her jealous once she ate all of hers. Funny but true ;)
nancita nancita 9 years
My exboyfriend's family had one of these, but they would only get it out on special occasions, such as when they had guests over who wanted to see the dog's cute trick. Honestly, seeing him pull the little lever down was adorable. But leaving it out for the dog to access anytime seems wrong!
shinyalex shinyalex 9 years
So much for controlling pet obesity... Unless that contained their main food of the day and you really needed to keep them occupied!
jennjennnbubba jennjennnbubba 9 years
my bf holley would love this for her two scotties!!
Phasekitty Phasekitty 9 years
If I put treats or kibble into that, once Brando figured out how to use the lever they would be gone in an instant.
designergirl designergirl 9 years
My dog would never leave until all the treats were gone.
linb linb 9 years
We had one of these for our toy poodle when I was little. We put her food in it. She learned very quickly how to use it - it was very convenient. We never had an issue with her eating too much, but I'm sure we would have if we put treats in it instead.
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