Not only 'cause they're super cute, but the recent birth of these two North Chinese Leopards is extra special since there's only around 100 in captivity worldwide! Native to Northern China (duh), the big cats have darker orange background fur than many other leopards and a unique pattern. If you look closely at their rosettes, you'll see a differently-colored spot within them – this is commonly found in jaguars but not in any other leopard subspecies.

Enough with the background facts, six-week-old Zhang Jie and Zhongni were presented to the city of Hamburg (and the animal paparazzi) at yesterday's naming ceremony at Hagenbeck Zoo. By raising these babes, the zoo will help establish new blood lines to continue a healthy captive population of the species and hopefully learn about (and solve) problems they face in the wild.

I couldn't resist gathering a bunch of photos to share. Look at those teeth, and for the rosettes, when you