Rescue Pups Comfort Each Other at Shelter, Win the World Over

Earlier this month, a dog was found in the streets in South Carolina with gaping wounds and nearly dead. The little guy was taken to a nearby vet "in good spirits," according to Fox 5 in Las Vegas. The good people at Paws and Claws Clinic took the dog in, named him Sammie, and worked tirelessly to help him out. Vet tech Nikki Jones said she believed the dog had been shot, dragged by a car, and left for dead. But the little fighter pulled through and even made a friend along the way. He and another rescue, Simon, became fast friends when Simon came to comfort Sammie.

"Simon heard him crying in there and his ears perked up," Jones told Fox 5, "and he came in and just very gently jumped up on the X-ray table with his one paw and was kind of like, 'Hey, bud. What's wrong? Don't worry. These guys got ya.'"

Jones said the clinic got endless correspondence and donations for Sammie, and while it's greatly appreciated, she notes that they have so, so many more animals who need help. If you're in the South Carolina area, we encourage you to look up Paws and Claws and help them out, and if you're elsewhere in the world, you can find local animal shelters on Petfinder. Not every rescue animal gets a news story, but they all need our help!