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Cute Pictures of Basset Hounds

We Can't Stop Howling Over These 40+ Adorable Basset Hounds

Cute Pictures of Basset Hounds
Image Source: Getty / James Heifner

Few dog breeds are as endearing and unmistakable as the basset hound. With their floppy ears, stubby little legs, and big sad eyes, these wrinkly, heavyset pups are chill as can be — except when their powerful noses pick up a scent. You'd be hard-pressed to find a dog as loyal as a basset and — despite what Elvis told you — hound dogs actually do more than cry all the time. Bassets are incredibly friendly and make wonderful family dogs, but if you're not convinced a basset is for you, we've rounded up some cute pics that may change your mind. TBH, these hound dogs would still be our friends even if they didn't catch a rabbit.

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