Hundreds of Dog-Lovers Join 18-Year-Old Pup For His Final Walk

Walnut the dog lived for 18 long and happy years. In a post to Facebook on Nov. 8, Walnut's owner, Mark Woods, invited dog-lovers in his area of Southwest England to walk with Walnut on his favorite beach one final time before having him euthanized. "He has had an incredible life and having reached the grand age of 18 is ready for his final sleep," he wrote in the post.

Local Cornwall, England, radio station Pirate FM said hundreds of people and dogs showed up to walk with Walnut on that beach, and according to the station, "Even people who could not make it to Newquay told [Mark] they would be walking their dogs at the same time to honour Walnut."

Later on that week, Mark posted another update to Facebook, letting everyone know that Walnut had passed and sharing his heartfelt thanks to his community and the world. You can read his message below.