29 Easy Halloween Costumes For Dogs That Require Very Little Effort From Humans

Devoted dog owners know that picking out the most perfect Halloween costume for yourself comes second to picking out the most perfect Halloween costume for your pup. But if, let's be realistic, you're not about to spend hours on end sawing, gluing, and bedazzling a costume for your pet, don't fret — you don't have to be a crafting master to make your good boy an Instagram-worthy costume.

These supercute, easy-to-pull-off costumes are great for dogs of all breeds and sizes and require little to no effort on your part. From the classics like superheros and wizards to your favorite movie characters (yes, even Harry Potter), get ready for your dog to steal the show this Halloween.



If your pet likes watching food shows with you (hey, we know a few dogs who do), grab a chef's hat and your BFF will be ready to cook!


Dirty Martini

If your furry friend is stuck wearing a cone on Halloween, just stick a few olives in it (make sure you pup is comfortable — safety first!) and you have the most adorable and delicious dirty martini.


Harry Potter

A simple yellow and red striped tie or scarf and a cardboard cutout shaped like lightning and you have a Griffyndor pup on your hands.


Chiquita Banana

Pay tribute to the iconic 1940s song with an adorable Chiquita Banana Halloween costume. All you need is some fake fruit and a hot glue gun to assemble the headpiece.



Do you have some scrubs or a lab coat? You've got yourself all you need to turn your pup into the most adorable surgeon there ever was.


Doggie Bag

Call us lazy, but this will probably be our Halloween pick this year. Cut a few holes into a large paper bag so you can easily slip a harness into it.


UPS Delivery

Dress your dog up in the signature UPS uniform to get some laughs out of your friends. You can easily make a rendition of this costume at home by adhering a UPS label or logo to a little brown hat and box.


Minnie Mouse

Put a red-and-white bow on your dog's head or use a pair of your favorite Mickey Mouse ears for a Halloween costume that takes less than one minute to put together.



As easy and cheap as creating a ghost costume for a human, just find a small piece of white fabric, cut some holes in it, and drape it over your dog, securing it with his collar — be careful while walking your pup, though.


Hot Dog

It's punny, we know, but a hot dog costume is guaranteed to make everyone who sees your pup on Halloween laugh. Bonus points if you own a wiener dog.



Star Wars fans, we have just the costume idea for your dog! Perfect for furry breeds, all you need is to put together Chewbacca's weapon holder for this Halloween costume.



Is there anything cuter than a puppy dressed as a pumpkin? The answer is no. Ideal for small to medium-size dogs, a full-body pumpkin costume will not only look cute but also keep your pup warm in chilly temperatures — and there are honestly so many options on Amazon.


Beanie Baby

This nostalgic costume option is great for dogs who don't like wearing full outfits — and don't we know more than a few of those? Simply print out a Beanie Baby tag, attach it to your dog's collar and done — it doesn't get much easier than that!


Bad Dog

Even good boys are bad sometimes. A jailbird costume will surely get laughs, and you can make your own with a striped white and black t-shirt and a homemade sign.



Calling all big dog owners: If you don't dress your dog up as a lion for Halloween, you're missing a great opportunity. Grab a lion's mane from the costume store (or Amazon) and you're good to go!



If your idea of an easy Halloween costume is something elaborate that takes just a few minutes to put together, power to you. Using a few colorful pieces of fabric, you can turn your dog into a cute sushi piece. Looks good enough to eat!



We can't even begin to tell you how many store-bought dinosaur costumes for dogs there is to pick from. This fan favorite is especially great for large dogs.


Dwight Schrute From The Office

We're pretty sure your dog will win all Halloween costume contests in this look inspired by The Office. An oversized yellow shirt and a name tag with Dwight's photo and the costume is complete.



DIY this "dangerous" costume with some gray construction paper. Cut a fin and attach it to your pup's harness.



This might be the easiest DIY costume to create. All you need is some tulle and a rubber ducky.


Woody From Toy Story

With a red bandanna and a little brown cowboy hat, your pup will easily look like one of your favorite Disney characters. Bonus points if dress them in a little yellow shirt, too.



It's as easy as cutting out two pieces of black construction paper in the shape of wings and securing them to your black dog's harness.



There are two ways you can go about this magical costume: you can buy one of the hundreds of unicorn onesies found on Amazon or pick up a simple unicorn headband. While the latter is obviously much easier, the full-body costume is really sweet.



You can pull off a pirate dog costume with just a hat — it doesn't get much easier that that, arrr?



To pull of this quick and easy DIY princess costume, all you need is a tulle skirt and some ribbon to make a cute bow, both items you can find at your local craft store. This pup gave her look at Batgirl detail.



All you need to DIY this one is three items: a yellow dog shirt, black felt, and black pipe cleaners to shape into wings. You can secure the wings and black stripes using fabric glue.



All you need to have a wizard to walk is a cape and a witch or wizard hat (which you probably already have laying around from Halloween pasts).


Hogwarts Students

The more the merrier! This group costume is easy to execute if you have more than one dog or if your dog is a social butterfly with a bunch of friends. Find some scarfs in Hogwarts house colors and call it a day.



Come Halloween season, you'll probably see quite a few of these popular costumes. They may be basic, but there's nothing funnier than watching your dog run around as if he's walking on two legs. Want an easier version? Print out a superhero logo and glue it to the back of a dog shirt for a DIY quick fix.