This Adorable Pet and Owner Duo Is Proof Dogs Make the Cutest Prom Dates

Service dogs play an extremely important role in the life of a person with disabilities. They function as more than just cuddly household companions — they serve as partners to help their owners get through everyday life. In Erin Condrin's case, her service dog also doubled as her prom date.

Erin suffers from classical-type Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, which causes difficulty performing daily tasks and the frequent dislocation of her joints. She was gifted with her service dog, Lacey, by Canine Helpers Australia, and as she geared up for her senior formal, she decided to play dress-up by donning her pal in a matching gold bow and skirt using leftover fabric from her garment.

The twinning duo posed for a heartwarming photo before the event. Erin told BuzzFeed that hairstylists and friends alike were smitten over Lacey's prom dress fit. While Erin ultimately decided to have Lacey sit out the actual party (due to a vast crowd and party lights), the duo's matching digs definitely won best dressed in our book and is proof that your pets can also make the most awesome prom dates!