This Golden Retriever's 2 Pregnancy Announcements Are So Cute, Hoomans Could Never Top Them

A Golden Retriever named Kula and her pup named Rodney recently shared some fun news to their shared Instagram account: Kula is expecting puppies, and Rodney is going to be a big sister! And while the announcement was already too cute to handle, Kula's owner took things a step further and photographed her pregnant pup surrounded by foods that humans hoomans classically crave during pregnancy.

"We're gonna need a lot more pickles, ice cream and @innout pupper patties soon!" reads the caption on a photo of Kula lying on her back, surrounded by pickles, ice cream, and an In-N-Out Burger takeout bag — basically living the pregnancy-cravings dream (though we're sure she's not actually going to eat that chocolate ice cream, *wink*).

The initial announcement about Kula's pregnancy was made back in December, and apparently, her puppies are due on Jan. 19. We're wishing this good girl a smooth delivery and can't wait to hopefully see some extremely adorable puppy content on her Instagram soon!