These Are the 3 Key Fitness Trends For You and Your Dog This Year

We've been noticing lately that people are treating their pets like humans more and more — even going as far as having a wedding for their dogs. It got us wondering what might be on the horizon in trendiness for our dogs, so we asked Dr. Louise Murray, veterinarian with Wellness TruFood, what she thinks will be the big things in 2016.

"People are starting to become more actively involved in their pet's health, and more of what we see in human health is beginning to trickle into the pet world," she said. Health and wellness are what everyone is really thinking about, and that includes involving our dogs, she continued. Here are the three key wellness trends to look out for.

  1. Fitness: According to Dr. Murray, people are starting to include their dogs in their everyday lives more than before, which includes their fitness routines. She has seen more and more dog-friendly fitness classes crop up and expects it to grow even more. "While this may be a fad and may not be for every dog depending on their sociability, any activities with your pet that reinforce bonding and promote exercise can be positive," she said.
  2. Wearables: "It can be hard to tell when your pet is healthy," Dr. Murray said. But thanks to wearable wellness trackers, it is easier to find out what's going on with our dogs. These trackers can look at everything from heart rate and temperature to calories burned in a day. Some of them even have GPS included so if your dog gets out, it's easier to track him down.
  3. Alternative foods: Natural diets have become the norm for humans, so it makes sense that our animals' diets would follow suit. "We're starting to see more interest in foods that are more akin to homemade human recipes, like Wellness TruFood, a new line of foods for cats and dogs made with fresh produce and high-quality meats that are slowly baked to seal in nutrients," Dr. Murray said.