Lost Dog Hears Her Family on TV and Finds Her Way Home

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The sad truth is that many dogs wander off and get lost, day in and day out. This was the case last year when a couple in Missouri discovered their dog, Tabitha, was missing. She and one of her humans, Alfred Schaefer, who has Alzheimer's, wandered off one day, and Alfred's wife, Kelly, was only able to find and bring him home. She was unable to find Tabitha.

The couple put up fliers and pleaded with the local community to help bring their dog home. They even went on the local news, in the video above, with their story, hoping to find their beloved dog. Kelly said, "To me, she's my kid. I love her as much as I love my husband."

But here's the twist! After the news aired, Tabitha came home! It turns out, someone had found her and brought her inside for safekeeping. When the family had the news on the TV, Tabitha recognized her owners and immediately perked up. The family who found her called it in, and after a quick confirmation that it was indeed the right dog, Tabitha was returned home to Alfred and Kelly. What a crazy happy ending, right?