It's Friday — and time for POTW! Because I'm still coming off my Uno high, I couldn't resist making a little Beagle my pet of the week! Meet Basil — pronounced as a word to rhyme with "dazzle" — and how he dazzles me! Rescued from by WhiplashGirlchild, she picked out the cute pup when he was just 8-weeks-old, choosing this lil' guy because he was so calm. Unfortunately, Basil was chill because he was sick with a liver shunt but, many treatments later, the doggie is doing much better . . . and looking as adorable as ever!

I've pulled this super-cute shot out of a new TeamSugar group Pets in the House created by CasaSugar. She's asking for photographs of your pets lounging around at home so be sure to join this group and snap lots of piccys! Happy Friday!