5 Fall Must Haves to Keep You and Your Pet Warm and Entertained This Month

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As the November chill rolls into the air, we decided we should bring you pet owners some options for keeping your pups warm and keeping yourself and your other animals happy, healthy, and entertained. Scroll through to see some of our favorite new products this season.

Bonjour Fido collars ($32) are handmade in New York City from heavy-duty — yet beautiful! — materials so that they will last a lifetime. They come in a variety of patterns, and the company makes leashes to go along with them as well.

Pretty Litter's brand-new litter, available in December, is designed to detect illnesses in your cats when they use it. A health-monitoring formula, the litter ($19) can spot early signs of infections or diseases, as the litter changes color after it's used, based on any abnormalities in the urine. The litter is delivered to your door, scoopable, flushable, odor controlled, and dust-free.

Felines of New York ($15) is a brilliant parody of the well-known Humans of New York, and it's way more furry. The back cover of the book sums it up well: "They are proof that behind every New Yorker, there lies a cat just waiting to destroy their Ikea futon and then eat their faces off when they die."

Keep your pup warm this season and support the New York Humane Society with one of these Peruvian dog sweaters ($49-$79), hand-knit with alpaca yarn. They come in sizes small enough for a Yorkie and large enough for a Labrador retriever, and each one is unique.

Another option for keeping your pup warm when the cold hits is a cozy snood ($28-$32), which is made from fleece and can protect your pup's neck and ears from the bitter cold weather.