Former Fighting Pit Bull Rescued and Given the Good Life He Deserves

A few months ago, Justice Rescue officer Russ Harper rescued a Pit Bull from the streets in Pennsylvania. He brought him in to his animal shelter, and this photo is the moment he held him in his arms and showed him love for possibly the first time in the pup's life. Due to the extreme condition he was found in, Russ and his colleagues determined the dog was probably used for fighting.

Russ and Justice Rescue, along with the help of volunteers and vets, nursed the dog back to good health and named him Remi. His story was closely documented on social media, including by Dawn Timmeney of the local Fox affiliate, and naturally everyone fell in love with Remi. Fast forward to this week, and Remi is still doing amazing, according to BarkPost. As you can tell, he absolutely adores his rescuer, Russ.

Scroll through to see a snapshot of Remi's recovery, and find even more pet rescue stories here.