From Stray Dog to Instagram Star: Popeye the Foodie's Heartwarming Success Story

Instagram | popeyethefoodie

Long before Popeye the Foodie discovered Instagram fame, or even a family to call his own, he was just a lonely stray dog wandering the streets of Los Angeles. His hu-mom detailed his rough beginnings to Bored Panda, describing him as "super skinny, heavily matted, (and) dirty" when she found him and brought him home. Initially, she didn't even intend to keep Popeye as her own. But sure enough, he worked his way into the hearts of his new humans and they didn't really have a choice but to make it official.

Thankfully, those horrible days as a stray pup are now long behind Popeye. He spends his time hopping between trendy, dog-friendly restaurants, 'gramming adorable snaps to his following of over 112,000 fans and counting. Although seated nicely in front of delicious foods, Popeye's mom reports he only gets nibbles of dog-friendly foods. And if all else on the menu fails, his mom carries a bag of treats for him, just "in case there's nothing he can have." Bon appétit, Popeye!