TikTok's "Pretend to Put Your Dog on a Diet" Challenge Is Both Savage and Hysterical

Another day, another viral internet challenge that likely makes dogs resent TikTok's existence. Pet owners on the app can't get enough of the "Pretend to Put Your Dog on a Diet" Challenge, which is just as savage as it sounds. The trend involves (momentarily) tricking your dog by giving them just a few morsels of food instead of their usual amount to see how they react. Some stare back at their owners with pleading eyes as if saying, "Seriously, human? That's it?," while others get visibly frazzled and throw mini temper tantrums.

All in all, it's safe to say the doggos of TikTok are decidedly not amused by the challenge. Don't worry, though — it's all in good fun, and the pups are definitely getting the food they need right after their reactions are captured on camera. Ahead, watch a range of videos that have sprouted up on TikTok and Instagram since the trend started spreading this year, and prepare to guiltily laugh at each one.